Welcome to the OpenIAM Documentation

Documentation for the OpenIAM Identity and Access Governance Platform version

This documentation will provide information about installing, configuring, and administering the OpenIAM Platform. This documentation also provides information about new features and fixed issues in OpenIAM organized by release version.

The documentation is organized into the following guides:

Guide NameDescription
Getting Started Provides guidance for new users in getting started with OpenIAM. This includes installation and guidance to configure common use cases.
InstallationProvides details related to the installation of the OpenIAM Platform in both non-production and production
AdministrationProvides information about configuring and administrating uses cases supported by OpenIAM
Self-serviceEnd-user guide to using the Self-service portal
Connector ConfigurationProvides details about deploying and configuring the out of the box connectors. Builds on the details found in the Administration guide.
SSO ConfigurationProvides details about configuring SSO from OpenIAM to a number of popular applications. Builds on the details found in the Administration guide.
DeveloperReference for developer's to create / modify scripts, workflows or create new connectors