User based review

If you have already imported data from the applications that need to be a part of your review, then you are ready to configure the UAR. To configure a "User Access" focused review, follow the steps below.

  • From the Webconsole to go to Access control -> Access certification.
  • Click on "New Access Certification" from the side menu which will render the screen below.

New certification configuration

Complete this form using the information described below.

Field nameRequired?Description
Access Certification nameYProvide a descriptive name to uniquely identify your campaign.
Type of certificationYDetermines if this is a user or application + entitlement based review. In this case, select User
StatusYIndicates if the campaign is active or not. If the status is In-active, then you will not be able to execute it.
Scheduled intervalNAllows you to automatically run the campaign at regular intervals such as Annually, Semi-annually and quarterly
Reference start dateNIf the campaign is to be run at regular intervals, then the reference start date is used to determine when the next iteration should be.
Email templateNEmail template which should be used for notifications.
DescriptionNSummary which describes the goals of this campaign.
Manager of access reviewNManager of access review or the UAR manager is a person who will be overseeing the execution of the campaign. This will person will have access to the UAR campaign dashboard, reports as well as the ability to delegate requests. The UAR manager is different from a manager who is participating as a reviewer in a campaign.

Click on Next after completing the form as shown in the example below. This will save the UAR configuration and open up additional tabs to complete the review.

New certification configuration