Customer Identity (CIAM)

Customer IAM (CIAM) or IAM deployments which target external users such as the firms customers, partners, and vendors usually have a common set of use cases which need to be implemented. The list below provides a navigation guide to documentation needed to implement common in CIAM deployments. The guide below is intended to aid those who are new to OpenIAM in getting started.


Configure SMTPConfigure a SMTP to send emails which are used to notifications and delivering OTP tokens.
Configure SMSConfigure a SMS to send tokens over SMS
Configure MFA
Authentication flows based on User TypesConfigure different authentication flows based on the type of user
Configure SSO to your applicationsEnable SSO to your application using SAML 2, oAuth 2, OIDC
Configure user objectsCustomize the user objects to support custom attributes
Define your access control modelDefine the access model to determine who can access which applications.
Importing existing user and their entitlementsMigrate existing users and their permissions into OpenIAM.
Brand your portalDescribes how to brand the self-service portal
Configure self-registrationConfigure self-registration to allow users to sign-up for an account on your OpenIAM instance
Configure Self-service password resetConfigure self-service password reset
Provisioning / deprovisioning access to your applicationsEnable provisioning and deprovisioning to your applications.
Configure request / approvalConfigure the service catalog and related workflows
Delegated adminstrationConfigure delegated administration to allow "client admins" to manage users from their own organization