Getting Started

This document is intended to be an introductory guide to IAM Engineers wanting to become familiar with OpenIAM’s IAM platform. The guide has been organized into common architectural patterns that we have seen across customer deployments. The objective is to aid new users in implementing a proof of concept.

Since this is an introductory document, only common use cases are addressed. This is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the solution. Nor is it intended to serve as a reference document for production use where factors such as high availability, scalability, environment hardening, OS optimization, etc. must be taken into account.

You may, however, use it as a starting place for implementing out a Proof of Concept(PoC) with OpenIAM.

What is OpenIAM?Overview of what is OpenIAM and how it can help customers
Installing OpenIAMDescribes how to install OpenIA using either RPM or containers
Common architectural patternNavigation guide to help deploy / configure OpenIAM based on your use case