User search

Administrators or help desk teams will need to perform searches to find users as part of day to day administrative operations. OpenIAM provides two ways to find users:

  • Header search - Search box in the header section of the Webconsole that is always available.
  • Advanced Search - A form based search which provides search by a variety of options.

Header search

To find users using the header search, follow the steps below

  • Login to the webconsole
  • From the search bar in the header, select Users as shown below

Header search

  • Start to type in either the name or identity of the user that you need. OpenIAM uses a starts with algorithm to match users against your input.

Using header search

  • Click on the user once you find a match. OpenIAM will retrieve the user information and will present it in a template view.

Advanced search

As mentioned above, advanced search allows for a greater number of options to perform your search. To use the access the Advanced search option, use either of the two options below

  • Click on the Advanced search button next to the header search as shown below

Advanced search

  • Use the menus User Admin -> User search

Default search options include:

Field nameDescription
Last nameSearch by a person's last name. This field supports a "starts with" algorithm. If you enter 'su' it will show all users whose last name's start with 'su'
Principal NameSearch by a user's identity (account). This fields supports a "starts with" algorithm.
Email AddressSearch by a user's email address. This fields supports a "starts with" algorithm.
Employee IDSearch by an employee's Employee ID. This search is based on an exact match

Additional search options can be added to the search from by selecting them from the Add more search criteria field. Click on the field and select the required search options.

Advanced search - additional options

The table below describes each of the search options.

Field nameDescription
Account statusFilters for accounts which are in either one of the follow states:
User statusFilters for users who are in of the following states:
First nameSearch by a user's first name
Extended attributesExtended attributes allows search by any attribute that has been defined as a custom field.
GroupSearch by group membership
RoleSearch by role membership
Job codeSearch by Job code. This field is a dropdown containing predefined job codes
Maiden nameSearch by a person's maiden name.
NicknameSearch by a person's nickname (aka alternate name, preffered name, etc.)
OrganizationSearch by organization object membership; Organization, Division, Department,etc.