34. RESTful API documentation in UI

OpenIAM supports the RESTful interface in addition to SOAP services. RESTful APIs can be used for the majority of possible use cases in the OpenIAM application.

OpenIAM 4.1.1 and later versions provide access to RESTful API documentation from the OpenIAM administrator web application, Webconsole. OpenIAM uses Swagger to automatically generate RESTful API documentation and make it available from the user interface.

To access RESTful API documentation, log into Webconsole, and click on the following path:

AdministrationRESTful API documentation

This displays the Rest API documentation page.

To access APIs for Self-Service, click on the Selfservice tab, to access APIs for Webconsole, click on the Webconsole tab, and to access APIs for OAuth, click on the IDP tab.

After clicking on the tab for the specific functionality, select the group from the Select Group drop-down list.

Selecting the group displays the APIs for the group. Click on Show/Hide to display or hide the API operations; click on List Operations to list API operations. Click on Expand Operations to display the operation; you can also click on the specific operation to expand it. In the expanded operation, click on the Try it out button to try out the API.

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