Upload static content

Docker installation

  1. Create folder and put there all static data that you want to access using OpenIAM content provider(images, html pages etc). If you already set it up as volume, then if you add/rename files you should follow same instruction just skip #2

  2. in docker compose file 3.2/ui/docker-compose.yaml add volume:

- "/path_to_directory/static_data/:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/static/"
  1. restart ui docker service

  2. Add a new URL pattern in proper content provider. Patter name must be /static/filename.extension, authorization disabled checkbox is on, supported auth levels: def non auth rule. where filename.extension is an exact file name from folder static_data. As example /static/help.html.

  3. in about 5 min after saving new UR patter, check avaliability of the file by hitting in browser http(s)://domain_patter/static/help.html example: https://demo.openiam.com/static/help.html

  4. use obtained link across the application. For example as an icon URL for autentication provider.