OpenIAM has tools to configuration. They are can be reached using : Webconsole->Administration. They are listed below.

Configure IT PolicyConfigure IT policy which users need to accept prior to using OpenIAM.
Metadata TypesManage the metadata types
LanguagesView and manage the languages supported by OpenIAM.
Batch tasksScheduled tasks
Page templateConfigure dynamic page templates
UI ThemesManage UI themes which control the look and feel of the application.
Custom fieldsDefine custom attributes
System configurationSystem configuration options.
Mailbox configurationSMTP configuration
Log viewerView audit log events
Sequence generatorConfigure how unique sequences should be generated.
Groovy managerManage all groovy scripts.
Directory lookup configurationConfigure directory lookup in self-service.
Self registrationDefine how self-registration should operate.
Challenge response questionsManage the question bank that is used for challenge response questions.
Reconciliation historyAudit log viewer for reconciliation
GEO location DBManage the Geolocation database.
Reindex ElasticsearchInitiate re-indexing in Elasticsearch
RESTful API DocumentationAccess the Swagger documentation for the OpenIAM API.
Kibana DashboardAccess the system monitoring dashboard.
RabbitMQ AdminAccess the admin console for the message bus.
Mail template editorManage email templates.
Links managementDescribed how to work with extra links in OpenAIM