New in v4.2.1.4

Version is minor upgrade that contains over 90 bug fixes and minor improvements. The full set of changes can be found in the change log. The sections below provide an overview of the improvements.

Self-service portal

  • Release introduces a contractor management feature in the self-service portal where managers can change status, last date, and reassign managers in bulk.
  • Dashboard to see the status of requests by access type
  • Graphical progress tracker for each access request
  • Improved organization level delegation so that client-admin can see only their users and a set of entitlements that they are allowed to manage.
  • Deep linking into the service catalog
  • New group request - support for cloning


  • Simulation mode for connectors
  • Simulation mode for emails


Minor improvements to the adaptive authentication framework

High availability

  • RPM Deployments - HA is improved to support improved fail-over across stack components bringing RPM deployments closer to Kubernetes deployments. HAProxy has been introduced at each layer to allow failover across stack services and infrastructure components.


  • Directory lookup in the self-service portal has been improved


  • New hire workflow supports launch sub-workflows to gain approval for entitlements which are part of the new hire submission


  • Policy map can be defined using pre-defined attributes instead of relying on groovy scripts.