New in v4.2.1.3

Version is minor upgrade that contains over 200 bug fixes and minor improvements. The full set of changes can be found in the change log. The sections below provide an overview of the improvements.


This release contains a notable number of fixes to resolve vulnerabilities in OpenIAM infrastructure components. These fixes are available in each of the supported types of deployments: RPM, Docker and Kubernetes

High availability

  • RPM Deployments - HA is improved to support improved fail-over across stack components bringing RPM deployments closer to Kubernetes deployments. Health checks have been improved to work across a clustered environment.
  • NFS replaces GlusterFS in RPM deployments since GlusterFS is not freely available on all Linux distributions
  • All deployments contain a critical fix for Redisson.


  • Synchronization performance has been significantly improved. In HA deployments synchronization tasks are split across the cluster to further improve performance
  • Core connectors have been improved to better support synchronization across large result-sets without causing large increases in memory consumption.


  • Kubernetes 1.23 is supported in this release.
  • Rancher is supported
  • OpenShift on Azure is supported


  • Workday connector - Workday connector supporting the RaaS interface has been improved.
  • AD PowerShell connector - Improved performance
  • RDBMS connector - improved to support large result-sets


The following reports have been improved or added to the solution:

  • Report showing reconciliation failures