New in v4.2.1.2

Version is minor upgrade that contains numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. The full set of changes can be found in the change log. The sections below provide an overview of the improvements.


  • Sign in using Apple ID - Social authentication has been expanded to include support for Apple ID.
  • Thales SafeNet Authentication Service(SAS) - The Thales SAS connector enables authentication and user life cycle management. With this integration, users will be able to leverage Thales SAS for authentication via the OpenIAM IdP.


  • SAP S4/Hana Connector - The S4/Hana connector has been significantly improved to support:
    • Support for SAP HCM to enable automated provisioning
    • Import existing entitlements to OpenIAM from SAP to populate the service catalog
    • Import existing users and their entitlements to develop a view of a user's current access
    • Filtering incoming data by the following:
      • OrgUnitSmallText - Refers to Department
      • OrgUnitLongText - Refers to Organization Department
      • PersonnelArea - Refers to Organization
      • PersonnelSubArea / BusinessArea - Refers to Plant
      • EmployeeSubGroup - Refers to the type of employee
  • SAP Successfactor - Connector provides integration with Successfactor as an authoritative source. The connector will import workers and related information to OpenIAM to enable automated provisioning/deprovisioning.
  • Thales SAS - Connector enables integration with Thales SAS to support provisioning / deprovisioning
  • Workday - Connector has been updates to support using Workday's RaaS to import workers and related information to OpenIAM to enable automated provisioning/deprovisioning.


The following reports and improvements were added in this release:

  • Entitlement report - authorized users can generate a list of entitlement by application (managed system)
  • User report - improved to all generating a report which shows all users. Filtering was improved to show selecting by multiple status'


  • Configuration of email notifications - The approver association configuration interface has been updated to allow sending multiple notifications at each step.
  • Email notifications - E-mail notifications related to access requests have been updated to include additional information to better communication the nature of the request.
  • Support for attachments during a request / approval operations - Access / request workflows have been improved to allow reviewers to add/view attachments.
  • Terminate user - Direct reports interface in self-service has been improve allow to managers to initiate a termination request. The request can be immediate or for a future date.