New in v4.2.0.8

Version is minor upgrade containing bug fixes and minor improvements. The full set of changes can be found in the change log. The sections below provide an overview of the improvements.

Update User management screens listed below to allow access based on the RBAC model.

  • Updated the edit users pages in the webconsole to allow hiding the "Save" button to provide a read-only mode for user information.
  • Updated Authentication providers pages to allow hiding the "Save" button to provide a read only mode.
  • Separate API for new/edit user on template for better RBAC
  • Added RBAC support for the buttons on the Self-service My Info page.
  • Expanded the limit of search scope by organization in webconsole

Improvements to request / approval

  • When the approver is a group of people, the approver now has to "claim" the request before they can approver or reject the request. This avoids the possibility that two people may be working on the request at the same time.
  • Improve tracking of requests for the requestor
  • Improved the reviewer interface to better support hierarchical relationships

Improvements to access certification

  • UI improvements for the configuration and end-user interfaces for access certification
  • Access certification reports