Configure HTTPS

This document is to help you to configure HTTPS in the Kubernetes environment.

SSL Certificate Directory

This directory should contain required SSL-specific files for running the reverse proxy in https mode:

  1. openiam.crt - The SSL Certificate File
  2. openiam.key - the SSL certificate key. This is required.
  3. 'openiam.sslchain.crt' - this file will be used in SSLCertificateChainFile in apache configs.
  4. '' - this file will be used in SSLCACertificateFile in apache configs.

Additionally, either openiam.crt or openiam.sslchain.crt is required.

For the reverse proxy to read and use these files, you need to shift the files into the following folders:

.ssl/ openiam-configmap/.ssl/

In Terraform


In Helm:

--set openiam.rproxy.http=0