Upgrade from version 4.2.1.x to version

The upgrade process for the latest version of OpenIAM is similar to any other upgrade process, except several steps.

The common process is described in the document by this link. Specific steps for OpenIAM version are given below.

  1. Once startup.sh runs and all containers are up, as described in the referenced document above, do
docker stack rm openiam
  1. Login into UI of RabbitMQ and do the following:
  • delete queues PropertyValueCacheQueue and BusinessRuleCacheQueue.

Make sure to use your credentials, since example provides the default ones.

  1. Once queues and exchanges are deleted run startup.sh again to deploy OpenIAM stack.
  2. Wait for the containers to fully startup and then the application will be ready for use.

Note: .NET/PS connector versions to be used with OpenIAM version should be at least or higher. Please note that you must update connector if you use newer versions of the product. It is recommended to use the latest connector version. All .NET/PS connectors versions as at version are backward compatible, hence updating it will not disrupt operation of OpenIAM versions 4.2.0 and higher.

Note: If you fail to access RabbitMQ UI then run


to make sure all the containers are stopped. Then clear the volume by running the following command.

docker volume rm openiam-rabbitmq-storage_storage

Afterwards, run startup.sh.