Deploying via RPM on Linux

OpenIAM provides a RPM installer which includes all of the dependencies except for the database and system tools. The RPM installation has been separated into the topics below. RPM based deployments allow for significant flexibility including:

  • Single VM deployment
  • Highly available, clustered deployment
  • Multi-tier deployment where the UI and service layer are separated. You can also separate the infrastructure components such as Redis, RabbitMQ, and ElasticSearch

If you are new to OpenIAM or are installing OpenIAM in a non-production environment, then please follow the procedures described in the Single VM section.

Single VMDeploy OpenIAM on a single host or VM
Cluster deploymentDeploy OpenIAM on a three node cluster for high availability
Access GatewayDeploy the Access Gateway independently
BackupDescribes how to backup your deployment.
Application portsDescribes the deployment architecture and network ports that need to be opened.