SelfService password reset

OpenIAM selfservice is a portal, supporting numerous operations that allow an easy use of OpenIAM functionality. SelfService supports:

  • SelfService password reset;
  • workflow based request/approval;
  • single sign-on;
  • profile management.

One of the most important parts of the SelfService function is the ability to change/reset the password on their own.

To configure this function, you will need to make several steps, such as configure SMTP or SMS gateway and identify a password policy. The required information on performing these steps can be found below.

Configure SMTP and SMS

To be able to set and reset the password, you will need to define SMS or Email OTP Provider. This step is a prerequisite for sending out notifications, one-time links for password reset and one-time passwords (OTP), required for resetting the password.

Both of the cases for OTP providers are in detail described in the Administration guide.

Hence, use this document to configure OTP via SMS.

To configure Email OTP Provider, use the document by the link containing a step-by-step instruction on how to configure SMTP.

Password policy

OpenIAM allows the user to use different types of password policies. These policies can then be linked to various objects, e.g. roles, groups, organizations, managed systems and authentication policies. Having password policy configured is a vital step for password resetting since when a user sets/resets a password, a password policy resolver is called and the password policy with the highest priority (if multiple password policies exist) is then applied.

Hence, before resetting the password, make sure password policy is configured as described in the document by this link.

Resetting the password

After the SMTP or SMS OTP configuration was accomplished, and password policy was set, SelfService functionality can be used to reset passwords in instances where you either have forgotten your password or locked your account.

The detailed steps on how to reset the password is given in the Selfservice guide, in the Forgot password section.