Common questions

Some issues might appear while importing users and entitlements to OpenIAM. Most common of them and the ways to tackle the problems emerging are described in the documents, as indicated below.

The topic of getting AD filter for importing users, which might become an issue for users, is covered in AD PowerShell documentation. This particular issue is covered in the Synchronizing Users section.

Cron expressions

In production, if there is a need to actively synchronize data from the selected application, the user can define a cron expression to control the frequency. It is done when configuring synchronization, in the Synch Frequency field.

Below, there are several examples of cron expressions to run synchronization automatically.

FrequencyCron expression
Every day at 23:000 0 23 * *?
Every 1 hour0 0 * * * ?
Every 15 minutes0 /15 * * ?