Request history

After approving requests from end users, designated approvers can use the Request History feature to view a listing of past requests categorized by status.

  1. After logging into the self-service portal, click on Request Approval from the top menu. Next, click on Request History from the drop-down menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Accessing Request History

  1. You will then see the following screen:

Request History

This screen provides a listing of the requests accepted by the approver. By clicking the Approvals History button shown in the screenshot above, you can sort the listing based on criteria such as:

  • Request ID
  • Requestor
  • Whom the request was made for
  • Request date
  • Status:
    • All
    • Completed
    • In progress

Clicking the My Completed Requests button will allow you to view all approved requests that have a status of 'Completed'.

Additionally, clicking the eye icon in the Actions column will allow the approver to view greater detail about the selected request.