Request administration

Authorized administrators in your organization have the ability to view all the requests created by end-users and take action if needed. There are several instances where this is necessary:

  • An end user who has created a request in error, and has contacted the help desk to cancel that request.
  • An employee who has left an organization, but has pending requests for entitlements in OpenIAM. The administrator must cancel the request from the Request Administration feature.
  • An administrator who sees that a pending request should be re-assigned to another approver.
  1. After logging into the Self-Service Portal, the administrator must click on Request Approval from the top menu. Next, choose Request Administration from the drop-down menu. Users who are not administrators will not be able to view this menu option.

Accessing Request Administration

  1. You will then see the Request Administration screen where they will see a list of all requests for entitlements from end-users.

Request Administration Screen

From this screen, administrators have several options to handle the requests if required. To work with an individual request, the administrator can click on the eye icon in the column entitled Actions. This will allow the administrator to cancel the request or delegate it to another approver.

If multiple requests are selected, the administrator can click on the buttons at the bottom of the list to cancel or delegate en masse.