Request access from profile

During the create request process, users have the option to request access by choosing profiles. Profiles are pre-selected collections of entitlements which are specific to a particular job function (e.g., HR assistant).

  1. Select My Info, and then select the Access Request tab under the profile avatar. Select Create request for myself.
  2. Select Select rights from profile.
  3. Enter the name of the access profile in the Search Filter text field to filter the listing of profiles. Select the access profile from the list and select Submit.
  4. Enter the duration of time that you would like to request for each entitlement by selecting the corresponding pencil icon from the right-hand column:
  • Time unit. From the drop-down list, select the interval of time. The options are hours, days, months and years.
  • Count. Enter the number of time units requested for the entitlement.
  • From date. Select the starting date for the entitlement to take effect from the calendar field.

Select the corresponding save icon from the right-hand column to save the duration of time requested for the entitlement. Enter a reason for requesting the entitlements in the text field labeled Reason for request. Select Next.

  1. If the information in the preview screen is correct, select Submit. Otherwise, select Previous to make changes.