Bulk upload users

Multiple users can be synched at once from a CSV file through the self-service portal.

  1. Select Access Management > Bulk Upload.
  2. Select Browse to choose a local CSV file that contains the user data to be synched to OpenIAM. Select Sync Now to begin synchronization.
  3. Synchronization details will show the status of the synchronization by displaying the number of records processed, the number of records synched successfully, and the number of records that failed to synch.

The table below provides a reference for CSV column names and data types for successful synchronization:

Field NameData TypeDescription
FIRST_NAMEStringEmployee's first name
LAST_NAMEStringEmployee's last name
PREFERRED_NAMEStringAlternate employee name
EMPLOYEE_IDStringUnique identifier for the employee within the HR system
SUPERVISORStringManager's username
START_DATEDateDate the employee joins the company
LAST_DATEDateDate the employee leaves the company
EMAILStringEmail address
PHONEStringEmployee's desk phone
MOBILE_PHONEStringEmployee's mobile phone
STATUSStringEmployee's status: Active, Terminated, etc.
TITLEStringEmployee's corporate title
TYPEStringType of employee: Employee, Contractor, etc.
ADDRESSStringStreet address
STATEStringState or province
POSTAL_CODEStringZip or postal code
COUNTRYStringTwo letter country code
BADGE_NUMBERStringEmployee badge ID