Import from application

Importing user and entitlements from your applications

In an IAM project, a common task is to import entitlements and users from your applications to:

  • Create a user profile which shows the access that user has across all application.
  • Develop the service catalog

Section details of how you can develop your scripts to import user and entitlement information.

Example Scripts to import your entitlements

The references below provide examples which can be used with applications which are frequently used by customers. These scripts should be viewed as a starting point to create custom solutions needed to support your business. In some cases, the starter scripts are also part of the product distribution.

CSV FileOften there are applications which either cannot be integrated via the connectors. In these cases, its possible to import the data using a CSV file
Active DirectoryImport Groups and Users from Active Directory
Azure ADImport groups and Users from Azure AD

Developing your own import scripts

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OpenIAM does not allow you, by default, to import both users and the list entitlements in one process. You must first:

  • Import your entitlements
  • Import users + their entitlements

The sections below describe how you can achieve the first step: "Import your entitlements". Since OpenIAM allows you to import a variety of entitlement types, the list below is organized by the object type.