Updating PowerShell connectors

Updating PowerShell connector

This instruction could be used for OpenIAM .NET connectors of any types. It describes general steps that should be done when updating connector to newer version.

To update OpenIAM .NET connector you need to replace existing connector with a new one. This is done via uninstalling previous connector and installing a new one.

Updating connector without customizations

  1. Go to 'C:\Connectors\' (or if you installed your connector to a different folder - go to that onw)
  2. Backup existing connector. You can simply compress connector folder using .zip or any other archiver.
  3. Go to Control Panel -> Uninstall a program and find 'AD Connector' in the list of installed software
  4. Make right click on the connector and press 'Uninstall'
  5. When the process is finished you need to go back to connector folder (step 1). Connector leavs logs, config records and custom files, created after installation. You need to decide if you need those files or you can delete them. As new connector cannot be installed to existing folder - you need to delete old connector folder. Otherwise, you would need to pick a new location for a new connector.
  6. Install the new connector. During the installation processes you should use the same parameters that you had used during the previous installation.

Updating connector with customizations

Sometimes some customers need to make customizations of any kind to connector scripts. In that case you still need to run steps described in 'Updating connector without customizations' chapter, however, you need to make sure that you properly created backup of your old connector (Step 2).

After you have new connector installed you need either replace newly installed script files with scripts that contain your modification if updated version allows this. If not - you need to update newly installed scripts manually, adding customizations that you had in your old connector version.