The log below describes the changes in v4.2.1.3

Issue keySummary
OE-1642Resolve New container vulnerabilities
OE-1624Issues when calculation business rules when request came from web service
OE-16224.2.1.3 vulnerabilities
OE-1621UI container vulnerabilities
OE-1613Self-registration - improved Sponsored Accounts support so that sponsored accounts can Be Sponsors
OE-1609Apply protocol changes for provisioning operations on .NET/PS connectors
OE-1608Change SEARCH request parameter in all .NET/PS connector
OE-1600After run uninstall and then install again
OE-1597Vulnerabilities in Cassandra and Activiti
OE-1595Make changes in conf files behind the scenes
OE-1592Add column of last login into User_report
OE-1591Improve doc for oracle connector
OE-1589Rename label in business rule
OE-1573Authentication Provider page broken as Scopes not getting searched due to change in BR screen
OE-1572[SysConf] 'Show the Area Code on Phone Numbers' flag status as false is not working
OE-1571[SysConf] Are Challenge Response Questions Secured? flag status change to true does not hide answers on the page
OE-1570Selecting the date calendar UI issue
OE-1557Introduce rest API to search oAuth client by client ID
OE-1555Support for automated deployments
OE-1554SPS Improvements: RabbitMQ Parallel Booting
OE-1551SPS Improvements: Update stash
OE-1550Add ability to configure additional JavaOpts in terraform.tfvars or values.yaml
OE-1547Improve default resource limits
OE-1544Validate smoothness of openiam-cli init
OE-1533Update mod_openiam C libs to use openssl 3.0
OE-1532Update lib-ssl to v3.0 in the rProxy
OE-1530Fixing broken umlauts characters for .net connectors.
OE-1529Describe dev CI using
OE-1528ADPowerShellValidation.groovy Improvements
OE-1527ADValidation.groovy classname update
OE-1525ADGroupSyncAttributes.groovy class name update
OE-1524Internal Error on saving role with description more that 400 characters
OE-1522Modify RPM Installation for ElasticSearch Curation
OE-1520Curate ElasticSearch documents which Don't need to be kept
OE-1518Log4j vulnerabilities
OE-1517Upgrade Apache web server and JDK to resolve security vulnerabilities
OE-1516Add support for Rancher deployments
OE-1515Resolve vulnerability in the RabbitMQ-K8 container
OE-1511Fixing memory traffic for SEARCH operation with multipart responses in .net connectors
OE-1509Can't instantiate GroovyScriptEngineIntegration in groovy for script connector
OE-1507Fix call of pre/post processor for class DeleteGroupProvisionOperation
OE-1506Problems on authentication policy page
OE-1504Clone Managed system is broken
OE-1502ESB get error on start with custom VAULT_SECRET_PATH
OE-1498[User Bulk Operations] Search Resource - Search by resource type is not working
OE-1497[User Bulk Operations] Reset Password - For auto generate password selection, checkbox for Send password via email should be disabled and checked
OE-1496[User Bulk Operations] Search Group - Search by managed system is not working
OE-1495[User Bulk Operations] Items displayed per page shouldn't be empty by default
OE-1494Synchronization configuration list is empty in webconsole.
OE-1489The business rules filter by status does not work.
OE-1483Managed systems are not being saved as part of the business rule target
OE-1482Error in the preview of business rules
OE-1480ManSystem attribute table - remove metadata element dropdown, it's not applicable for ms attributes
OE-1479Merge SOAP and REST Workday connectors
OE-1467Can't add child/parent organization to an organization
OE-1458Openiam-cli shows incorrect status of services
OE-1450Workday Connector changes for Company Attribute
OE-1445Improve Workday Rest Connector
OE-1444Resolve container vulnerabilities in rProxy and Janus Graph
OE-1441Create a workday connector documentation
OE-1436Implement rest API to create audit logs from third-party systems
OE-1431Improve synchronization configuration list
OE-1430Role manager summary view should also show the description
OE-1426Need a filter query to syncing certain number of records from Workday API Connector instead of all the records
OE-1425CSV sync groovy issues
OE-1422UI Issue: Complete Button text not displayed on User Entitlement screen
OE-1421Issue with role search on Role Screen
OE-1411Error message is displayed on screen if MAILBOX CONFIGURATION template Mandatory fields is left blank
OE-1405user report is blank for supervisor filter
OE-1401Optimize performance and memory when import from target to OpenIAM
OE-1394Large dataset can't be pulled when using RDBMS sync adapter
OE-1393user termination is not reflecting in AD on moving user form normal Ou to disabled ou
OE-1391User is provisioning to AD with out group as a Member Of
OE-1388Allow to customize email templates in user workflows
OE-1352Fixing showing SSO application icons for App Launcher macOS version
OE-1347Synchronization Page Not loading
OE-1345Group search does not work if there is "-" hyphen in group name on role entitlement screen
OE-1344Error is displayed on screen if MAILBOX CONFIGURATION template field is left blank
OE-1343Message is not clear on UI when we tried to save MAILBOX CONFIGURATION
OE-1342Business rule: dropdown to select groovy script must be autocompleted with groovy scripts in suggestions
OE-1338Cant' submit self-registration form
OE-1337Show email/phone on webconsole user search result regardless of published status of these objects
OE-1329Report showing reconciliation failures
OE-1327Additional User Search Criteria -No result found Issue
OE-1325Create User Template Supervisor search is not accurate
OE-1322Gluster alternative for Redhat Linux
OE-1321Add support for pipe deliminated files
OE-1319User superior selection pop up appears while selecting subordinates
OE-1317User history - pagination disappears after closing event details
OE-1316User Entitlement - Items per page display is messed up on Resource entitlement table
OE-1315User History - current date as a start date selection filter is not working
OE-1314Reset password in webconsole doesn't save password for non default managed system in DB
OE-1313[IT Policy] - User unable to login when IT policy is activated
OE-1307Distorted web elements on system sysconfig page
OE-1274Uploading file with not supported extension doesn't show an error
OE-1271[User Search] Additional User Search 'Role' added from config is NOT reflecting on User search page
OE-1270[User Search][Enhancement] Support to clear individual search criteria selected during user search
OE-1269[User Search][Enhancement] Add 'view items per page' (10,30,50) to User Search results
OE-1267[User Search] Search text appearing as a reference to the search criteria is messed up
OE-1266[User Search] 'Clear' button should clear search results along with search criteria
OE-1265Improve audit logging for sync and upload comments in request
OE-1263Business rules interface - show the managed system for entitlements
OE-1257[User Admin] Email type resets to null while editing user
OE-1254[User Admin] User should be blocked from using future date as birth date while creating new user - add validation
OE-1253[User Admin] Can not clear user selection for 'copy existing user accesses' while creating new user
OE-1252[User Admin] Can not clear Supervisor once selected
OE-1250Bug searching names with accents
OE-1246Not receiving credentials mail on user sync from AD to openiam
OE-1238Button Overlap on Delete managed system confirmation pop-up
OE-1237No able to add principal name and employee id in create request self-service portal
OE-1233[Selfservice] Directory Lookup is missing from the UI
OE-1227Put validation of verification of email/phone on server side
OE-1224User Approver association is not working
OE-1219request reminder NPE
OE-1218disable user from UI (direct reports screen) by manager should not initiate workflow
OE-1211problem with newly created roles/groups/resources/users and integrity with Graph/Elasticsearch during update
OE-1210add comment in email when auto delegate
OE-1195Entitlement report
OE-1194Improve the USER_REPORT to allow extracting either "all" users and by multiple status'. Additional attributes also need to be added
OE-1170Improving filtering in SAP
OE-1164Access Rights for all the configured applications to be made accessible
OE-1156Test case #10 A user submitted an access request on behalf of another user. Email was not sent to the user that made the request.
OE-1135Problem with business rules
OE-1116Workday connector
OE-1099Manage passwords of related account when primary user changes its own password
OE-1081SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS)
OE-1078Entitlements are not being deprovisioned on the end date
OE-1074Regression issue - call to start workflow no longer compiles.
OE-1071Create default configuration for SAP Successfactors connector
OE-1059If User has banded symbols(like space) in last /first/name or email or login sync can't save user
OE-1058Hide private key body from the public access from REST API
OE-1051Business rules Groovy are not running.
OE-1043Request-approval flow does not process the start date
OE-1018User can change email address after validation
OE-1008Apache webserver vulnerabilities
OE-1006Task that must be claimed can be approved from approve list
OE-994Implementing custom unlock screen for macOS credential provider
OE-986Allow user to select manager(sponsor) when doing self registration
OE-985preview users by application throws internal error
OE-979Newly created metadata element is displayed by ID not by name
OE-978Task administration throws error when trying to open any task
OE-975If the only one option for OTP enabled, end users sees error
OE-974resave of auth provider erases resource properties
OE-963Increase name and description column of table ROLE and GRP
OE-956Position change activiti requests don't appear in list of requests to approve for approver
OE-953Can't create revoke access request
OE-950Mail Sender - can't send some email (NO_ACTIVE_EMAIL_CONFIGS)
OE-948Group Entitlements changes - doesn't trigger group provision
OE-940Access certification campaign fails to run due to issue with scope report
OE-935Term "Default approver" in an approval flow is not intuitive
OE-934Request approval computes the wrong dates if a duration has been selected
OE-933Web Authentication - Internal error
OE-927[Self Registration Config] Issues found with template fields addition
OE-916Update UI issues with the my approvals screen based on details provided
OE-913If the only one option for OTP enabled, end users sees error
OE-911QA Findings [release -]
OE-908When manual managed system don't have connectors then its entitlements can't be displayed in certification task
OE-898Edit user workflow should follow same model of approver associations
OE-897UI improvements for View Direct reports and My Access screen
OE-896Week of Sept 20th
OE-891API getUserBetweenLastDate ignores actual date range
OE-885Delegate Request email - incorrect link in email
OE-882Self-registration flow improvements
OE-881Unique series generator impl
OE-876add support of AD fileShare provisioning
OE-871Provision / synchronizaion user groups for linux not correct for few groups
OE-870new version of spring has bug in AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter (sslRestTemplate )
OE-868Migration from v3 to v4 supposed to erase activiti data
OE-865Introduce Apple ID single sign on
OE-864Migrate View My Access selfservice page to React framework
OE-862Improve review my access page in selfservice
OE-861Dynamic combobox doesn't work as expected
OE-860IPA connector: add support for group provisioning
OE-859BCC sending email functionality has error
OE-857Improve service account selection in our access review process
OE-842Migrate View Direct reports selfservice page to React framework
OE-838Social Login for Apple
OE-832PostbackUrl management for login again after reset account or forgot username and etc..
OE-831request administration is unable to open request if number is duplicated
OE-829Unable to login to Selfservice for a new user when multiple auth methods are set
OE-820Kronos - implement add operation
OE-819Business Rules - performedActions are null
OE-818Improve Policy Map for membership attributes
OE-817Business Rules - can't change target for existing business rules
OE-816Provide the option to renew access (via a email notification)
OE-815Revoke access when access expires
OE-814Send notification n days before access is going to expire
OE-810Request / approval improvements
OE-794Forgot username
OE-793Refresh token
OE-792Get token
OE-787Improve swagger documentation for essential services
OE-772Add managed system information to connector related events
OE-768Ldap connector doesn't delete membership for Active Directory.
OE-765Google connector - can't sync user-group memberships
OE-741social registration does not populate fields of selfreg form
OE-740when error on social login then returned login page is empty
OE-732[UI Theme] Uploaded Login Selfregistration and application logo doesn't appear on Chrome and Edge
OE-722Kronos - implement incremental sync
OE-699Internal Error appears while adding Self Registration Workflow step when only Name field is entered
OE-692Business rules: improvements/bug fixes
OE-689Business rules: put name of the target in title of popup window
OE-688if business rule is modified then un_do target got cleaned up
OE-670[OTP Provider] Cancel OTP provider gives 404 error
OE-667Misc issues (audit improvements and others)
OE-662Create User from Webconsole
OE-656Implementing custom credential provider for Windows using (.Net)
OE-547Internal Error when delete user who is a UAR manager
OE-530Credential provider for MacOS
OE-513Automatic Provider Failover with a Primary and Secondary config; - Primary/Secondary support for Out-of-band delivery (OTP - SMS, Mail, Voice etc)
OE-494OIDC Certification test - related findings
OE-80Migrate upload storage volume to k8
OE-134Fix and enable CreateUserRequestSeparateWorkflowTest.approveWithDefaultResource
OE-118Ldap connector doesn't work on clean install unless you force to save it from UI
OE-145Fix json parser in r-proxy