The log below describes the changes in v4.2.0.8

Issue TypeIssue keySummary
EpicOE-803Self-service operational improvements
TaskOE-770Self-registration does not work
TaskOE-767Change localhost to in the rProxy docker container health check
TaskOE-766Improvements for RBAC model
TaskOE-760Access Certification - Campaign show wrong counter
TaskOE-647401 error when accessing /webconsole or /selfservice
TaskOE-643Email otp doesn't work
TaskOE-633Can't add comment for request approval process
TaskOE-631Fix auto approve functionality
EpicOE-630UI improvements (requester/approver)
TaskOE-622Create user logins by quarter report
TaskOE-615When open drop down to add oauth scopes, resources are not filtered by type
SubTaskOE-611Integration tests for updated AD connector
TaskOE-607Remove user entitlements for target system - user still exists in the target system
TaskOE-606UI label/links small fixes
TaskOE-605Core changes in the connector to support group synchronization
TaskOE-602after user submits revoke request he cannot track it
TaskOE-595Error when add comments to the create request
TaskOE-594Refactor AD connector code to fit Generic connector structure
TaskOE-593Improve logging on AD connector
TaskOE-592Improve search for AD connector
TaskOE-577[Groovy Manager] Internal Error on Import Groovy script
TaskOE-576Norway/Denmark Localization
TaskOE-574Return request claim functionality in workflow
TaskOE-554Include in oracle-ebs connector provision user to HRMS module
TaskOE-553Automatic Account Unlock
TaskOE-546Migrate placeholder improvement for custom fields
TaskOE-542Bugs in certification when one or more steps are not mandatory
TaskOE-538Thales connector
TaskOE-536AWS connector does not synchronize groups/roles to OpenIAM
TaskOE-528Access Certification - User Access Review page broken
TaskOE-502Improve oracle-ebs connector for user sync
TaskOE-487Check if there is a way not to reset password in SAP after password provisioning
TaskOE-469Add custom redirect after security questions
TaskOE-458Request / approval – improve UI to support a hierarchical view
TaskOE-439Rename of synchronization configuration duplicates the batch Task of it for schedule run
TaskOE-432Add access rights to detail view and pivot
TaskOE-424Search by name on revoke access page doesn't work
TaskOE-423Add feature to create new user from an orphan
TaskOE-419Redirect users after account activation or reset password
TaskOE-391[SMS authentication] Internal error on clicking 'Forgot phone?' option
TaskOE-88Facebook registration
EpicOE-107Expand Social Auth and Registration to include the major provider
TaskOE-85Improve UAR report
EpicOE-103User Access Review Report Improvements
EpicOE-102User Access Review UI Improvements
TaskOE-49AbstractMatchObjectRule MATCH_ATTR_MSYS_PRINCIPAL is not supported from UI anymore
EpicOE-104Improve out of the box reports