The log below describes the changes in v4.2.0.7

Issue TypeIssue keySummary
TaskOE-607Remove user entitlements for target system - user still exists in the target system
TaskOE-606UI label/links small fixes
TaskOE-602After user submits revoke request he cannot track it
TaskOE-595Error when add comments to the create request
TaskOE-591Fix issue with possible connector installation path encoding
TaskOE-577[Groovy Manager] Internal Error on Import Groovy script
TaskOE-576Norway/Denmark Localization
TaskOE-574Return claim functionality in workflow
TaskOE-573SAML SLO Exception
TaskOE-554Include in oracle-ebs connector provision user to HRMS module
TaskOE-553Automatic Account Unlock
TaskOE-551CREATE_MANAGED_SYSTEM log details reveal password
TaskOE-546Migrate placeholder improvement for custom fields
TaskOE-544The resource types are not shown
TaskOE-542Bugs in certification when one or more steps are not mandatory
TaskOE-538Thales connector
TaskOE-536AWS connector doesn't sync groups/roles
SubtaskOE-532Adding MSSQL connector to TeamCity
TaskOE-528Access Certification - User Access Review page broken
TaskOE-506Authentication provider: fix typo in UI label
TaskOE-505Extend Azure connector to include some AAD attributes
TaskOE-503HTTP 404 Error - Selfservice -> Request Administration
TaskOE-502Improve oracle-ebs connector for user sync
TaskOE-487Check if there is a way not to reset password in SAP after password provisioning
TaskOE-481AD connector should support setting account expiration date
TaskOE-469Add custom redirect after security questions
TaskOE-468Documentations - How to configure google connector
TaskOE-458Request / approval – improve UI to support a hierarchical view
TaskOE-439rename of sync config duplicates the batch task for schedule run
TaskOE-432add access rights to detail view and pivot
TaskOE-423Add feature to create new user from an orphan
TaskOE-419Redirect users after account activation or reset password
TaskOE-412oracle-ebs:jar is periodically deleted on Jfrog
TaskOE-410Create starter script for rProxy with https
TaskOE-381No languages listed on the Search Language page
TaskOE-222Add ‚secure‚flag to SESSION and JSESSIONID cookies in rProxy
EpicOE-102User Access Review UI Improvements
TaskOE-93Inconsistent data when approve user's create request tasks.
TaskOE-88Facebook registration
TaskOE-86Update Language packs for French and German
TaskOE-85Improve UAR report