The log below describes the changes in v4.2.0.5

Issue TypeIssue keySummary
TaskOE-410Create starter script for rproxy with https
TaskOE-408reviewer UI bugs
TaskOE-395Allow to use mod_rewrite together with headers set by rProxy.
TaskOE-394fix NPE bug in social login
TaskOE-387Write LinkedIn documentation
TaskOE-386Redirect after selfregistration
TaskOE-385SAP Connector doesnt perform search anymore
TaskOE-383Selfservice: Error loading Access Profiles page
TaskOE-380if user has the access then in catalog then access right is shown as 'nu'
TaskOE-379HTTP 404 error on Metadata Type page
TaskOE-378UESR_ACCESS_REPORT is broken
TaskOE-373Select box is broken when MFA is enabled for a pattern
TaskOE-371on detail page view when click 'close' modal of comment it doesnt close and there is an error in browser console
TaskOE-370when user completes tasks on pivot and then clicks on tab summary he still can see loaded task. After refresh they are gone
TaskOE-366Certificate login not working when rproxy used
TaskOE-359Add ability to use -ce images when executing docker compose
TaskOE-357Send link to to request details in approval notification for self regirstration
TaskOE-356Email of access certification says complete 'anytime' even if there is day limit
EpicOE-332Product Documentation
TaskOE-94Linkedin registration
TaskOE-87Linkedin social authentication
TaskOE-89Facebook social authentication
EpicOE-107Expand Social Auth and Registration to include the major provider
TaskOE-85Improve UAR report
TaskOE-30Login Attributes management in OpenIAM on Oracle RDBMS does not work
TaskOE-31Fix message for OTP SMS type
EpicOE-106Improve UAR core functionality
EpicOE-105[CLR] Target system integration
TaskOE-83Reviewer UI - Reports Tab
TaskOE-13Reviewer UI - Administration Tab
TaskOE-51Reviewer UI - Pivot view improvements
TaskOE-53Reviewer UI - Review detail view
TaskOE-52Reviewer UI -UAR Summary view (add tabbed view)
TaskOE-54Reviewer UI - Add page to show all UARs for the current user
TaskOE-17Reviewer UI - Add option for User access reviews to the portal landing page
TaskOE-50Admin UI - Add UAR Manager on page 1 the configuration screen
EpicOE-102[CLR]User Access Review UI Improvements
TaskOE-46Fill email from google to custom field
TaskOE-6Issue with save multicheckbox required field
TaskOE-47Update syncPasswordFromSrc web method to allow validate request without save
TaskOE-9"Reset Password via challenge response question not working - ""Password synchronization is failed!"" error"
TaskOE-1Unable to create new User
TaskOE-23Custom fields with type password are stored as plain text in DB
TaskOE-27Connector configuration page is not loaded
TaskOE-73Documentations - How to upgrade
TaskOE-75add feature to multiple delegate from request administration screen
TaskOE-67Entitlement membership report
TaskOE-69Orphaned account report
TaskOE-35Oracle EBS connector doesnt work with 4.2 version
TaskOE-37Change password audit has no requester
TaskOE-36Email approval fixing
TaskOE-39[Access Profile] Unable to create new access profiles
Sub-TaskOE-101when step of review is broke down into multiple steps then report looks confusing
TaskOE-15Access Certification: make sure that if task was delegated then report will represent it
TaskOE-48Access Certification: add button to UI to clean up campaign data
TaskOE-21Entitlement owner membership: If user B was selected as owner/admin on edit role/grp/res page and then replaced by other user A. B remains as owner in membership.
TaskOE-56AD connector should be able to get SID
TaskOE-58Connector Dev - LastPass
TaskOE-19Passwords can be exposed in logs in debug mode while running sync
TaskOE-81Bulk permission sync from Azure connector
TaskOE-82Introduce relation between users to maintain multiple accounts for a user
TaskOE-42Bulk operations does not was expected
TaskOE-78Only set SMTP Username/password in vault once
TaskOE-68Azure group and role membership sync format changes
TaskOE-71Access Certification - report to show revoke operations
TaskOE-64Ability to sync Azure Roles and role memberships
TaskOE-90Implement Azure DevOps report based on sync
TaskOE-92Enable only HIGH default chipers in apache
TaskOE-91Remove dot from domain name in example configs
Sub- TaskOE-100Implementing SYNC operation for SharePoint .net connector
TaskOE-95SharePoint Connector
TaskOE-14[Orphan Management] Email Addresses doesn't appear in the table for the Orphan accounts
TaskOE-12[Orphan Management] Orphan identity search is not working
TaskOE-7[Report] Mandatory field mark is missing on Access Certification Report
TaskOE-8Actions on Search User page doesn't refresh UI to force user to re-login on session expiry
TaskOE-22Position change should be triggered by supervisor change + title changed
TaskOE-44Account merging functionality for Admins
TaskOE-61Implement reporting for Azure environment based on sync
TaskOE-20SAP Connector error on build
TaskOE-79Add email of approvers to the approvers report
TaskOE-38Custom field width adjustment is not reflecting on the page
TaskOE-59ALTERNATE_ID column have to have a FK to USER_ID.
TaskOE-70Add Elastic Config step to Kubenates docs
TaskOE-120File browser not working on version (Groovy Manager)
TaskOE-25etcd storage keeps growing and vault fails by timeout when tries to get values
TaskOE-72Investigate behaviour during sync errors
TaskOE-256Increase timeout for rest API calls through rProxy
TaskOE-200My approvals page on self service is not paged