Issue TypeIssue keySummary
BugIAM-5068Dashboard for access certification issues
BugIAM-5095Application Certification - approvers calculation is incorrect
BugIAM-5112TYPE_ID disappears when editing ACCESS_CERTIFICATION_REMINDER email template
BugIAM-5119Access Certification should send one email for approver
BugIAM-5142[Access Certification] Page refreshes on clicking table titles
BugIAM-5153Custom fields on selfregistration ( or new user page) are not shown to approver
BugIAM-5154If approvers is application owners - need approve from all of them
BugIAM-5161Improve provisioning in Salesforce
BugIAM-5164Need update salesforce connector token expiration time
BugIAM-5176401 issue on reset password link
BugIAM-5182Captcha image not loading on Selfregister page
BugIAM-5183SMTP configuration improvements
BugIAM-5185Request details - shows incorrect current access
BugIAM-5196Send activation link from webconsole doesn't work properly
BugIAM-5198Access Certification - check start/end date
BugIAM-5200Improve ADP connector
BugIAM-5227Salesforce - sync groups and roles
BugIAM-5233Issues with Custom Radio button
BugIAM-5235Fix reconciliation for AD_Powershell connector
BugIAM-5242Clear button doesn't delete custom search criteria
BugIAM-5246[Audit Log] Table disappears on clicking table column labels
BugIAM-5257Salesforce - sync public groups and permission sets
BugIAM-5261[Log Viewer] Audit Log details page freezes on clicking 'View JSON' second time
BugIAM-5266potential problem with proxy federation
BugIAM-5267Access Certification - pagination issue
BugIAM-5268User access review issues
BugIAM-5269Remove the version number from the file name for the JQuery library
BugIAM-5270Reconciliation - multi-value attributes always empty
BugIAM-5274Access Certification - UI Improvements
BugIAM-5275Access Certification - Preview Users Improvements
BugIAM-5276Access Certification - Task Details page improvements
BugIAM-5277Access Certification - Dashboard (second graph)
BugIAM-5278Access Certification - Additional improvements
BugIAM-5299Salesforce - sync ListView, Reports and Dashboard Folders
BugIAM-5308Restart of application in docker leads to overriding SMTP configuration from
BugIAM-5329Button in audit log 'open in new window' opens wrong action
BugIAM-5330when edit mail template isHTML is getting false even if it was true
BugIAM-5351Access Certification - paging problem
BugIAM-5360User Search - Extended attributes search don't work
BugIAM-5362Error when saving a custom reconciliation
BugIAM-5384Access Certification: selected roles or groups are not showed in table of selected items
BugIAM-5387User History - can't see provision events
BugIAM-5391fix paging on access cert search
BugIAM-5393Access Certification: nPE when start big (>50 tasks) campaign
BugIAM-5395Access Certification - incorrect controls buttons show
ImprovementIAM-4962Simplify the UI to setup SMTP configuration. This should be moved to our UI
ImprovementIAM-5106Provide out of the box report for summary about user's workflow (position changes, terminations, rehire process)
ImprovementIAM-5162NPE when starting email-manager
ImprovementIAM-5188Provide ability to maintain multiple level of escalations
ImprovementIAM-5197Verify that PowerShell connectors do not have * Object Rules set by default
ImprovementIAM-5203Application Access Certification - allow select the entitlements in an app
ImprovementIAM-5204Access Certification - add a matrix view
ImprovementIAM-5209Workday Connector
ImprovementIAM-5212Implement search operation for Workday connector and document it
ImprovementIAM-5216Improve Bulk Managed System management
ImprovementIAM-5218Drop Attribute policy from the internal OpenIAM data model
ImprovementIAM-5230Update jQuery version to 3.5.1
ImprovementIAM-5231sort by for DB calls is not implemented
ImprovementIAM-5239If number of access certification tasks in one campaign big (for ex4K) then audit logs is not saved
ImprovementIAM-5263Update communication protocol for group operations of .NET connectors
ImprovementIAM-5264Change Groups to MemberOf attribute for AD connector
ImprovementIAM-5279Add comments to tasks
ImprovementIAM-5285Implement bulk sync of Azure resources
ImprovementIAM-5301Connector Dev - Boomi
ImprovementIAM-5305User Manager - User Identities Section Improvements
ImprovementIAM-5319Access Certification - Entitlement selector improvements
ImprovementIAM-5326Access Certification: add new approver type - entitlement owner/admin
ImprovementIAM-5332Access certification pivot view improvements
ImprovementIAM-5345Access Certification UI imrovements for pivot and class task view
ImprovementIAM-5349Improve pivot view.
ImprovementIAM-5350Access Certification - Dashboard
ImprovementIAM-5359Access Certification: if reviewer is repeated, he should approve one time
ImprovementIAM-5361Task details - Review current access section
ImprovementIAM-5363Add option to delegate task from admin console
ImprovementIAM-5388if user's access was deleted during certification campaign then request cannot be completed
ImprovementIAM-5133Fix out of the box scripts for essential integrations
ImprovementIAM-5306Access Certification - Reviewer list - Add Application Admin to the list
ImprovementIAM-5321Problem with bulk provisioning
ImprovementIAM-5370Error in the management of final system resources.