Issue TypeIssue keySummary
BugIAM-5198Access Certification - check start/end date
TaskIAM-5195Send email on reconciliation if any object in DB was changed.
BugIAM-5185Request details - shows incorrect current access
BugIAM-5183SMTP configuration improvements
BugIAM-5181[Access Cert] Search for non existing access cert throws internal server error
BugIAM-5176401 issue on reset password link
BugIAM-5171Custom Field Search - Broken Pagination
BugIAM-5168Unable to reset password from Webconsole user admin
BugIAM-5166'Internal Server Error' on Connector Configuration page
BugIAM-5165Cancel button not working on Configure Synchronization page
BugIAM-5164Need update salesforce connector token expiration time
TaskIAM-5162NPE when starting email-manager
BugIAM-5161Improve provisioning in Salesforce
BugIAM-5159[Report] Open with not working for reports in xls format
BugIAM-5157[Access Certification] Broken pagination - Only 10 certificates appear on search page
BugIAM-5156Superior/Subordinate row disappears after clicking
BugIAM-5154If approvers is application owners - need approve from all of them
BugIAM-5153Custom fields on selfregistration ( or new user page) are not shown to approver
Sub-TaskIAM-5150Remove in Kube deployments
BugIAM-5149Few fields missing on edit role page (e.g Managed Sys)
BugIAM-5148"[Selfservice] Clicking cancel on the Create New Group
BugIAM-5147"[Selfservice] ""Participate in Access Certification"" checkbox is missing when creating group request from Selfservice"
BugIAM-5141[Access Certification] Preview user list should refresh on radio button change
TaskIAM-5138Check and update SSL for rpm installation for rProxy
BugIAM-5135Reset password operation don't provision password to linux
BugIAM-5134Linux connector - user created without home directory
StoryIAM-5133Fix out of the box scripts for essential integrations
TaskIAM-5132Connector should address membership request to specific DC
StoryIAM-5129Improve RPM Installer
TaskIAM-5128Improve logging on PowerShell connectors while performing sync
BugIAM-5125Fix regex while evaluating cross-domain group memberships at AD connector
BugIAM-5124AD connector should execute required group membership operation even if membership status in unknown
BugIAM-5120Reset password operation for Azure connector not working
BugIAM-5119Access Certification should send one email for approver
BugIAM-5112TYPE_ID disappears when editing ACCESS_CERTIFICATION_REMINDER email template
BugIAM-5111AD and Exchange connector overlap if being installed on the same machine
TaskIAM-5106"Provide out of the box report for summary about user's workflow (position changes, terminations, rehire process)"
BugIAM-5095Application Certification - approvers calculation is incorrect
TaskIAM-5086Add storage for information about object changes on synchronization and reconciliation. Generate report about changes.
TaskIAM-4962Simplify the UI to setup SMTP configuration. This should be moved to our UI
BugIAM-4937[Clone Role] Would you like to modify new entitlements? pop up appears twice"
BugIAM-4936[Compare Role] Role comparison > Search for 'Select object to compare with' is not working
BugIAM-4876User Comparison view does not drill into the entitlements of a user
TaskIAM-4866make cart icon available for all users by default
BugIAM-4835Accept/Reject buttons missing in new hire request in My Approvals page
BugIAM-4501Fix Audit logs for certification
BugIAM-4143Clone right from user: functionality doesn't work