The log below describes the changes in v4.2.1.7.

Issue keySummary
OE-2481Group management in selfservice portal - new group request/edit group issues
OE-2478Add ability to have more than one edit user page in selfservice
OE-2460Include oauth2 authorization endpoint in consent scope
OE-2458Password validation error if user has different logins for openiam and other systems
OE-2455use multiselect in user Access Report criteria
OE-2454User's access is not displayed in the tables of selfservice
OE-2448Inactive and Terminated users are not appearing on the Direct Reports table.
OE-2446Implement Custom Logout Redirect in OpenIAM
OE-2444Need a confirmation pop up when clicking on save button on New Hire Form from Self service
OE-2443Edit user workflow error is not displayed to end user
OE-2436Wordkay Synchronization is throwing exception in Connector Logs
OE-2422Expand list of user statuses which can't be found in selfservice if flag is enabled in system properties
OE-2419Add/remove supervisor workflow issues
OE-2418Can't reset password for user right after it was synced from AD
OE-2417WEB AUTHENTICATION don't work correct, if used managed system login module
OE-2416UARs with large amounts of data maybe causing stability issues in Elasticsearch
OE-2410Introduce new option 'conversion type' in direct report page
OE-2406add a "description" column of in view of access request
OE-2405Not able to open page 'direct reports' when one of direct report has lots of sub reports
OE-2404Add ability to limit metadata type list in dropdown when creating user object
OE-2402Description given upon user's termination is not saved in audit logs
OE-2400Disable/enable of identity sometimes is skiped b/c man system was not found in cache
OE-2399Add in audit log group provisioning info
OE-2398add email notification for admins when manual task is created
OE-2395Can't instantiate group pre/post processors
OE-2394User must be able to apply a custom message when applying cart validation for self-service catalog
OE-2384User synch from source (AD for ex) without provisioning throws lock exception on MsSql DB
OE-2383Business Rule calculation doesn't take in to account whether the user's entitlements are end dated or not
OE-2382Update RPM deployment on RHEL with STIG security template
OE-2372Automate Tanzu deployment using Terraform
OE-2370Deploy OpenIAM to Tanzu (non-ha)
OE-2369Analyze requirements for deploying to Tanzu
OE-2367Improve httpd updating
OE-2366In Self-Service Password Reset extended need add ability to select multiple man systems
OE-2361Bulk password Reset Admin panel
OE-2309Improve the no-internet RPM install
OE-2298Bulk password reset in Self-service
OE-2292Add ability to skip policy map performing while setPassword operation
OE-2273[UAR] Only one Campaign record appears on the User Access Reviews page. (mysql DB)
OE-2249Access certification reminders are not being sent.
OE-2236selfservice edit profile menu button must be rbac controlled
OE-2124Revoke Access Request email notification contains ACCEPT REJECT buttons for auto approved request.