The log below describes the changes in v4.2.1.6

Issue keySummary
OE-2365after BR service restart no rules are applied to user
OE-2362add column identity into table of supervisor/subordinates and related/primary accounts
OE-2331Save user with entitlements - did not update user info in entitlements ES doc
OE-2330LDAP connector: if group is not assigned to a user return warn message back
OE-2319access_token format should be configurable
OE-2318OAuth: PKCE FLow requires JWT parameter
OE-2314Improve user recon performance
OE-2313Can't create user with lastName Null
OE-2312fix cassandra configuration in ha installation
OE-2311Consent history for end user
OE-2308Upgrade the apache version in both docker and rpm to 2.4.57 to add security vulnerabilities
OE-2306when number of role/group is big (>10K) UAR may not contain needed user's access
OE-2302janusgraph get rid of the root user
OE-2290Groovy script for relay state
OE-2289URI pattern - add ID field
OE-2288Batch task can't be scheduled when using mssql DB
OE-2287add support of Twillio new API path
OE-2284Can't select language on login page
OE-2282Group entitlement end date not getting saved from admin console.
OE-2276Incorrect helm versions in our kubernetes project
OE-2274Support Openiam docker scenario on Ubuntu 22.04
OE-2272Escalation of the request didn't change assignee of the task
OE-2269DaysToComplete for campaign is not counted correctly
OE-2268Consent agreement feature implementation
OE-2266Account unlock fails when the status of the openiam identity is different than selected managed systems
OE-2265Upgrade the apache webserver in the RPM and Docker distributions to resolve vulnerabilities
OE-2257User self-service direct reports is not rendering completely
OE-2256RPM installation log
OE-2254Resolve vulnerabilities
OE-2253Incremental user synch has lock exceptions
OE-2251Redis K8 container has critical vulnerabilities
OE-2250Lock exceptions when we synch groups from AD to OpenIAM using sql server
OE-2245Docker deployment on RHEL 8.8
OE-2244RPM deployments on RHEL 8.8
OE-2243Deployment targets (
OE-2242Access request report improvements
OE-2241Workday Sync fails when there is JSON Array in the JSON document
OE-2240UAR refactoring for big data
OE-2230Access certification review page (mssqlDB) : no paging on summary /pivot view/ admin tab
OE-2229add refresh button for identities in webconsole
OE-2227set sendEmail /sendNotification auditEvent under primary audit action
OE-2226scope report is not getting generated
OE-2225add button to return to campaign layout page
OE-2221Wrong total count of tasks on UAR campaign stat page
OE-2220delete certification tasks if certification config is deleted
OE-2219Can't save certification when added escalation to a review step
OE-2218Fix misconfiguration of the HA cluster
OE-2217Edit user from selfservice should be auto-approved of requester is an approver
OE-2213User reconciliation fix for 'do nothing and report' use case
OE-2212business rule services goes down when one of rabbitmq node goes down
OE-2202Initiate Bulk Request for Direct Reports in self-service
OE-2201when user's access get end-dated the identity should become not active and vs when end-date erased
OE-2198Add batch task to provision future and deprovision expired access - [Built-in solution for 4.2.2]
OE-2195Create request API submits start/end dates in requester timezone
OE-2190Unable to update workday attribute-user_name with current SOAP API
OE-2183Add ability to send header information for SMTP
OE-21534.2.1.5 - DevOps Release Tasks
OE-2148RHEL 8.7 deployment on Azure
OE-2146RPM Deployment targets
OE-2111Document changes regarding max tried for password validation
OE-1897Fix log rotation of janusgraph
OE-1846uninstall script (rpm) does not remove redis data
OE-1790Authentication improvements - Knowledge questions and captcha
OE-1748Show time as well in Date filter
OE-1745Organization Entitlement and deleting functionality
OE-1561react.bundle.js is not extracted when upgrading rpm installations
OE-1542RPM deployments and related tasks
OE-2128Add janusgraph performance improvements to RPM installation
OE-1409UI should be able to work with an available node if the initial node which was contacted is down
OE-97Docs for RPM HA install
OE-25etcd storage keeps growing and vault fails by timeout when tries to get values