The log below describes the changes in v4.2.1.4

Issue keySummary
OE-1829Cannot create groups with the same name for different managed systems
OE-1823Sync audit log in some cases shows statistic data as NaN
OE-1817Curator is a cronjob is not called when deployed OpenIAM for the first time
OE-1813New Hire with approval: Skipping approver levels
OE-1809Disable Rule is not working when trying to disable editing an attribute on the basis of user type in self service edit screen
OE-1808Start and End Date is not getting saved in database when the date format in system configuration is DD/MM/YYYY
OE-1802Not Able to submit the Self Registration request after providing values for Start and End Date attribute
OE-1800Internal error when a Group member takes action on New Hire With Approval Request
OE-1797Validate and get rid of obsolete fields in metadata-type
OE-1796Managed system is not populated on page of group identities
OE-1793Clean up batch task schedule table for completed tasks
OE-1788[Progress Tracker] Issue with static and animated arrow
OE-1785Max length should be increased for fields
OE-1784Selfservice > Requests in My Approval history appears blank
OE-1774Audit logs do not show what has changed on each run (question about the feasibility to run a delta)
OE-1767Script Connector For CREATEUSER
OE-1756Suppress loading module warnings for AD module in connector
OE-1755Disable User from Selfservice doesn't update the Account Status on Selfservice's direct reports table.
OE-1754Access Request table should have 'Request for Access' Task Type as a pre-selected option.
OE-1758Organizations getting assigned to user who is executing the sync job
OE-1752Column BODY can't store big CSV file content
OE-1751'Select All' doesn't consider all the user contractors present in the Direct Reports table
OE-1741'Enable Contractor Operations' doesn't consider multi level direct report hierarchy
OE-1740Wrong pagination details in the Direct Reports table
OE-1738Search by User Type not working for multi level direct report hierarchy
OE-1737Click operation on email id and phone number should be disabled in direct reports table
OE-1734Auth provider id should be part of our UI
OE-1733Provide an API to get all Scopes for ClientID in a single request
OE-1731Search sort issues with 'View My Requests' table
OE-1729Unable to create and delete access profile
OE-1728"New Hire with approval" workflow is skipped when initiated from Classic View
OE-1724Wrong Approver status for New Hire workflow in case of multiple approvers.
OE-1723401 error, when non-admin user clicks Initiate New Hire workflow.
OE-1721Self registration setup and usage
OE-1720Rename new feature tile name from "Current Requests Requiring Approval" to "Approval Dashboard"
OE-1719When single option is selected under My Info - Current Requests Requiring Approval section appears blank, all the options appears only after clicking the tile.
OE-1718Current Requests Requiring Approval - "My Approvals" should not appear in the "Access Requests" Section.
OE-1711Menu is broken when open Synchronization History page
OE-1707Initiate new hire
OE-1705New Hire User Workflow - initiate access requests for roles/groups
OE-1704Add script to have current Access requiring approval menu to be enabled
OE-1703Add Sorting on View Direct Reports Screen
OE-1700Edit user workflow - can't add/remove user entitlements
OE-1699New Hire workflow - roles/groups are not presented on task details page
OE-1693Access request count on the dashboard and the detail view are not aligned
OE-1691Approvers order calculation error after UI configurations
OE-1687Audit log is poor for the event SEND_OTP_TOKEN: error from OTP provider
OE-1686Pictures are not displayed in doc for OTP
OE-1682Update script
OE-1681Ensure default TLS1.2 usage for .NET/PS connectors
OE-1676User last_date shown in the webconsole is one day behind the date saved in the DB
OE-1673Multipart responses sender ability for Exchange
OE-1672Multipart responses sender ability for WinLocal connector
OE-1664Add checks for minimum PS version on .NET connectors
OE-1663AD connector search should generate warnings if any results were filtered
OE-1642New container vulnerabilities
OE-1635User entitlements page tab organization not shown dates and access rights
OE-1625Not possible to change language labels for default fields on page templates
OE-1624Issues when calculation BR when request came from web service
OE-1614Addresses Do Not Get Saved on Self-Registration
OE-1607Add integration tests for search operations for .NET/PS connectors
OE-1598Janusgraph: multilist of cassandra Ips
OE-1579Improve the ability to see the progress of workflows for end-users
OE-1578Self-service landing page should have a dashboard which shows the content of the in-box
OE-1568[SysConf] Unable to add roles to the field 'Following roles grant access to see all object (ignoring "is visible" flag)'
OE-1567Handle backend operations based on Front end action.
OE-1566Add new pages for Bulk Operations
OE-1565Add New Columns on Existing screen and handle sorting/filtering
OE-1545There is no option to see logs from openiam-cli log util
OE-1519[SysConf] Internal error while creating new user after changing 'Default Managed System' from Default.
OE-1513claim info is empty in both MyRequest Page and MyApproval view page.
OE-1500Upload file extension error in MyRequest page
OE-1485Proxy bug
OE-1470User is not added in full tree of organization based on org hierarchy
OE-1459UI Should show proper message in case Email/contact no is left empty or not Published
OE-1424Optimize AD native PowerShell search
OE-1398Email to {0} is displayed as action button on Access Certification request
OE-1396User Access Review count is 0 but when we click on it request is there
OE-13302 users are getting created if sync Now button is clicked twice
OE-1221Contractor management - self-service improvements
OE-1220Restrict user search for clone access feature
OE-1203end-date groups on disable
OE-1183New Hire email (Test case #26)
OE-1060UI bug in audit logs for user sync
OE-1006Task that must be claimed can be approved from approve list
OE-839Update CSP Header to allow inline images loaded by custom UI theme
OE-550Group creation request by cloning an existing group