Release 4.2.0

Issue TypeIssue keySummary
TaskIAM-5098Check rProxy example configs and remove unneded options
BugIAM-5079Audit logs fields do not work
BugIAM-5076fix for 'my direct report access' page
BugIAM-5072improve performance for access certification started for big number of users
BugIAM-5071Linux connector does provisioning of wrong login
BugIAM-5070Error on try edit groovy script on reconciliation config page
BugIAM-5067404 Error on clicking Cancel on create/edit user template page
BugIAM-5065If access cert
BugIAM-5064HTTP Error 400 if user enter (by mistake) invalid character on login page
Sub-TaskIAM-5062orphan paging doesn work
BugIAM-5061[Webconsole] Template field section disappeared from Page Template
BugIAM-5060Reject of access cert
TaskIAM-5058Process ‘proxyPassLocation’ field when doing reverse proxying in rProxy
TaskIAM-5049need to delete duplicates of orphans when resolve one of these duplicates
TaskIAM-5046When open Orphan page need to display first results and do paging for rest.
BugIAM-5044New user entitlements improvements.
TaskIAM-5043Certification based on applications
BugIAM-5031synchronization by cron job issue
BugIAM-5030"On save new reconciliation configuration - save new copy for each press ""save"" button."
BugIAM-5029Manage User in selfservice uses wrong URL and doesn't use workflow
BugIAM-5022Fix tests agains Oracle
BugIAM-5021Fix test agains Postgres
TaskIAM-5009Connector response - save target object to connector response log
BugIAM-5008Group Search by Managed System is not working
BugIAM-5007"Broken Pagination - Only first page with 10 items appear on the search page - Resource
TaskIAM-5006"Add documentation for backing up docker
TaskIAM-5005Increase timeout for rest API calls through rProxy
BugIAM-5003Can't delete user on webconsole
BugIAM-5002User report doesn't show emai/phone and truncate values
BugIAM-5001[Auth Provider] Unable to download and View Validation Public Key
BugIAM-5000Wrong authentication Cookie domain setup if use openiam without reverse proxy module
TaskIAM-4999Exchange connector should not fail if identity not found for delete operation
BugIAM-4998postbackUrl is broken after login for oAuth SSO flow
BugIAM-4997Exception when start reconciliation
BugIAM-4996[Access Certification] 'Participate in Access Certification' False flag is not considered while creating Access Certification.
BugIAM-4995[Access Certification] Dashboard: Data for all the Campaigns of selected Access Certification appears on mouse hover on pie chart and graphs
BugIAM-4994[Access Certification] User level access certification can be executed in the absence of User and Reviewer.
BugIAM-4993[Access Certification] 'Execute' button for Inactive Access Certification should be disabled
BugIAM-4992[Access Certification] 404 error on clicking searched user selection while creating user level certification
BugIAM-4991[Access Certification] User selection radio button is present on all three tabs of Application Level Certification
EpicIAM-4990Access Certification - issues found while testing the feature in 4.2
TaskIAM-4989AD Connector should be able to set ProxyAddresses by default
BugIAM-4988Connectors of different type may override settings
BugIAM-4985First time login process fails on Firefox
BugIAM-4984Unable to load the IDM Menu for Super Sec Admin role
StoryIAM-4983RESTFul API Docs don't produce any results
BugIAM-4982[Webconsole] Unable to add Role and Group while creating new User through Classic View
BugIAM-4975Access certification email templates are not compiled
TaskIAM-4970Add kibana and monitoring to 4.2
BugIAM-4969[Webconsole] Added Resource entitlement to the User disappears from UI
BugIAM-4968User Bulk Operations - add ability to run operations for all users
TaskIAM-4965Add server to chef
TaskIAM-4955Merge 4.1.11 into 4.2.0
BugIAM-4954Access Certification search page counts incorrect
BugIAM-4953[Webconsole] Unable to create New Page Template
TaskIAM-4952Test reconciliation for java-connectors
BugIAM-4939"[Compare Role] 404 Error - On clicking Role Entitlements tile
BugIAM-4938[Compare Role] Only 10 roles gets listed while comparing the role
BugIAM-4935[Clone Role] Clone Role with entitlements is NOT working.
BugIAM-4931"on clean install connectors are unbound from queue
BugIAM-4928[Selfservice] Directory Lookup - view user is broken - 404 Error
BugIAM-4926Custom field search is broken
StoryIAM-4925Add possibility to select Access Rights while creating Request for user
BugIAM-4922[Webconsole] Unable to edit custom field
TaskIAM-4912Login using Social Plugin: Demo and configuration details
TaskIAM-4911Add file service to allow read/write files to the isolated location
BugIAM-4908Error sessions on logout -> login with different user for different project (webconsole / session / idp)
TaskIAM-4905Security Issue: Remote Code Execution Through Groovy Script
TaskIAM-4901Security Vulnerabilities in 4.2
TaskIAM-4900Update httpd in rProxy docker image to 2.4.43
BugIAM-4898Access certification: need ability to run report for selected campaign.
BugIAM-4897"Access certification: if you search user by group
BugIAM-4896Access certification: should be option to escalate to manager ( now only user/group):
BugIAM-4895reconciliation module in Kubernate installation
BugIAM-4893Audit log about start AC campaign doesnt make any sense
BugIAM-4892if Scheduled Interval is not selected then AC campaign never starts
BugIAM-4891Can't open directory lookup result - internal error
TaskIAM-4890Enable basic auth for Elasticsearch
BugIAM-4889Access Certification - wrong approvers order
TaskIAM-4888save ldap connector certificate(s) in default java keystore
TaskIAM-4887etcd space issue in 4.2
Sub-TaskIAM-4885Create api call for renewToken in common lib
Sub-TaskIAM-4884Create api call for federateUri in common lib
Sub-TaskIAM-4879Automatic TeamCity builds for Exchange connector
TaskIAM-4878Add salesforce connector to kubernetes
TaskIAM-4877Orphan management initial screen miss records
BugIAM-4876User Comparison view does not drill into the entitlements of a user
TaskIAM-4874When larger log db file is attached connector log rotation fails - .NET connector new version
Sub-TaskIAM-4872Implement supporting parentAuditLogId for all .NET connectors
TaskIAM-4871Upgrade to latest Spring Boot
BugIAM-4868Send Audit Log Id to the connector
TaskIAM-4866make cart icon available for all users by default
Sub-TaskIAM-4861"User can login to ssh with OpenIAM user only from second attempt
Sub-TaskIAM-4860Handle change password in pam module
BugIAM-4859Can't register via selfservice with sms checking.
TaskIAM-4858Add ability to migrate auditlogs from 4.1.x to 4.2
TaskIAM-4849"Implement skip ""new user workflow"" functionality based on custom rules"
TaskIAM-4848Flyway issue when upgrading from pre-4.2 to 4.2
TaskIAM-4847ldap-connector-rabbitmq fails to start
TaskIAM-4846Java Connectors not building on CI
TaskIAM-4845Improve isNew ... adaptive risks for report about new device/location and accept it
BugIAM-4842Move from 4.1.x to 4.2 problems (docker installation)
TaskIAM-4841Update wiki instructions for setup chef on servers
TaskIAM-4839Fix authentication to allow login with login/password and certificate at same time.
BugIAM-4838Search roles/groups with filter work incorrect.
TaskIAM-4828Extend integration test runner to support new Login operation
BugIAM-4827Reset password options appears in random order
BugIAM-4822challenge response questions are not display when user forgets password
BugIAM-4819Exchange connector should skip exchange session import when running test connection
BugIAM-4818.NET connectors - in some cases hiding passwords are not working and exposing clear passwords to event viewer
BugIAM-4815Email OTP broken
TaskIAM-4807Update RabbitMQ in Stack to latest possible version
TaskIAM-4804Unable to update 'isPublic' flat for resources.
TaskIAM-4802Add OTP to user activation process
BugIAM-4799Create new user from form of selfservice ignores groovy to generate principal
BugIAM-4796[Webconsole] Internal server error while viewing User Report
BugIAM-4795[Webconsole] Not able to delete metadata type
BugIAM-4794[Webconsole] Unable to save Authentication Policy
TaskIAM-4791Add OTP to Forgot password functionality
BugIAM-4790The select2 widgets on UI always select 1st item if nothing is selected
Sub-TaskIAM-4788Exception when hitting /selfservice/rest/api/activiti/
Sub-TaskIAM-4786Refactor endoint to be pageable: /selfservice/rest/api/activiti/
TaskIAM-4782Add isNewDevice field in auth cookie in rProxy
BugIAM-4778"Fix AD login module
TaskIAM-4775Update Openssl for rProxy to openssl-1.1.1f
TaskIAM-4773Move findBeans to abstarctServiceImpl
TaskIAM-4771"""Number of Questions to Display"" resets to 0 after save on Password Policy Pae"
TaskIAM-4766Create rpm package for CentOS 8 for rproxy 4.2.0
TaskIAM-4763Merge 4.1.10 -> 4.2.0
EpicIAM-4755User Access Certification issues
BugIAM-4754Update adaptive risks ISNEW.... for correct work with proxy and store IS_NEW status all session.
BugIAM-4752Fix sql scripts in 4.2 for move from 4.1.x to 4.2
TaskIAM-4751Improve Role Save service method
TaskIAM-4749Improve findBeans (by ID to use ElasticSearch)
BugIAM-4745Create mechanism that allows restarting connector consuming extra resources
BugIAM-4733Resource search doesn't work
BugIAM-4732Bulk user upload - Synchronization report doesn't work
BugIAM-4727Synchronization page not display properly
BugIAM-4726Search users in selfservice by organization doesnt work in 4.2
BugIAM-4725Edit user page return 401 error
BugIAM-4724Bulk user upload doesn't work
BugIAM-4721Search by name doesn't work for metadata types
BugIAM-4720Resetting smb permissions fail for modifying file share properties
BugIAM-4717User can't login due to rabbit auth timeout
TaskIAM-4716Add rproxy performance tests for esb api calls
BugIAM-4715Need to add translation for template field option
BugIAM-4713Add CORs Headers
StoryIAM-4712Upgrade RabbitMQ to latest version (non EOL) prior to the release of 4.2
BugIAM-4711Fix system config page
BugIAM-4707Selfregistration and activation links redirect to login page
BugIAM-4703Search groups / roles pages broken
BugIAM-4700Request Hi
TaskIAM-4698Control resource provisioning order
BugIAM-4694Content Security Policy do not allow to use external resources
TaskIAM-4690Improve workflow based on Approver properties
BugIAM-4689if approver of workflow is ROLE then request goes only to one user of the role (for ex position change workflow )
TaskIAM-4688Investigation Credential Provider implementation for MacOS
BugIAM-4685Fix group membership lookup for AD connector
TaskIAM-4684Add ability to work with classic Exchange Distribution Lists for Azure connector
BugIAM-4682Username field should be grey on second screen of login
BugIAM-4680Multiple auth cookies in response
TaskIAM-4679Use Auth cookie name only from apache module configs.
TaskIAM-4672Proxy - tokenType has been removed from the OpenIAM Auth Cookie
BugIAM-4671Authentication perofrmace optimization
BugIAM-4670Captcha Porperties have not any labels on System configuration page
BugIAM-4668rProxy OPENIAM_DISABLE_CONFIGURE docker option exists but don't work
TaskIAM-4662add OPENIAM_DEFLATE to kubernetes
TaskIAM-4657Fix performance on login around ipgeolocation and deviceinfo.
BugIAM-4655Fix user reconciliation after merge from 4.1.x
BugIAM-4654Fix Reconciliation action - remote object from target system
BugIAM-4653Fix Search operation for Linux connector
Sub-TaskIAM-4636Webconsole -> User Manager -> Edit entitlements - Unable to remove entitlements
Sub-TaskIAM-4635Webconsole -> User manager -> Edit entitlements -> removing an entitlement is not intuitive
Sub-TaskIAM-4621"Rename Role type - ""oracle_db_type"" to Oracle RDBMS Roles"
TaskIAM-4618Add SSLSessionCache config to apache rProxy module
Sub-TaskIAM-4617Password reset in the webconsole sends out a password reset link even through manual update was selected.
TaskIAM-4605"Add ""Forgot phone"" action"
TaskIAM-4599Compress HTTP traffic in apache
BugIAM-4598Remove log entries for healthcheck from rproxy logs
Sub-TaskIAM-4595Webconsole -> user manager -> System ID field is always blank in a classic view
BugIAM-4593When create new Access certification the error shown in JS logs
BugIAM-4591Fix libxml2 usage in rProxy
TaskIAM-4590"Run unit tests by default in circleci
BugIAM-4589Source adapter page doesnt work
BugIAM-4585cannot login into OpenIAM without internet connection
Sub-TaskIAM-4577Webconsole -> user Manager -> All search parameters are not working
BugIAM-4560User should not be able to add himself as supervisor
BugIAM-4559SearchBaseDN should be taken into account for search requests
Sub-TaskIAM-4552Entitlement viewer is not intuitive
Sub-TaskIAM-4546"New user/First time login
BugIAM-4534NPE on Request Administration opening
BugIAM-4533Notify on approve from Approver assotiations doesnt' work
BugIAM-4531after Delete user from UI login still is stored in ES
BugIAM-4528selected mdtype is displayed as ID ( should be display name ) on role edit page
StoryIAM-4527"All users to see both current and old requests under the ""My Request"" section of the selfservice portal"
BugIAM-4526Custom connector attributes are not displayed on managed system page
StoryIAM-4522Add SameSite attribute to authentication cookie in rProxy
TaskIAM-4520Support migration from rproxy 3.x to 4.x
BugIAM-4518Unable to login on qa42 via rproxy
BugIAM-4517Can't save group attribute
TaskIAM-4515JDBC_ACTIVITI_DATABASE_SCHEMA undefined in kubernetes config
TaskIAM-4512Add default rproxy config for ssl in rpm
TaskIAM-4509Need to public url to proxy to support OIDC
TaskIAM-4508Error when running V4.
TaskIAM-4507Upload users - Allow users to upload a CSV file
BugIAM-4506Service level agreement - this looks hardcoded. All the numbers are wrong
BugIAM-4505Fix user comparison
BugIAM-4504Fix user search by role in Access Certification page
BugIAM-4503Improve UI of Access certification campaign
BugIAM-4502Fix list of certification campaigns
BugIAM-4500Fix My Approvals page and Certification request
BugIAM-4499Improve revocation workflow on access certification
TaskIAM-4493Merge java-connectors 4.1.9 -> 4.2.0
TaskIAM-4486Enable and fix synchronization tests
BugIAM-4484Fix postgres configs
TaskIAM-4482Group provision for Oracle connector
TaskIAM-4481Group provision for Linux connector
TaskIAM-4477Fix CircleCI builds of openaim-docker-compose
BugIAM-4469Request goes to sysadmin instead of Supervisor
BugIAM-4464Fix cron expression generation
BugIAM-4463Potential memory leak?
TaskIAM-4462Fix MSSQL Tests on CI
BugIAM-4459"After cookie expiration
TaskIAM-4458Fix errors when running perfomance tests with rproxy
BugIAM-4456Wrong column name
TaskIAM-4454Fix Oracle tests on CI
TaskIAM-4453Fix Postgres tests on CI
TaskIAM-4452Create bitbucket repo for shared terraform client-specific files
BugIAM-4447Auth provider edit page show not filtered audit logs
BugIAM-4446"social login should compare login for Managed system selected in authprovider config
BugIAM-4444Reviewer name is not displayed in Access Certification page
BugIAM-4443Redirect from / to default url not working in rproxy 4.2
BugIAM-4442[API] Inconsistent success message change in API response for 4.2 version
BugIAM-4441Errors in LDAP connector
BugIAM-4440Make openiamResourceBundle.js cached
BugIAM-4439No language selector on login form and after login in /webconsole and /selfservice
BugIAM-4438[API] Create Group API request returns null 'primary key' in 4.2
BugIAM-4437[API] Create Page Template API request returns null 'primary key' in 4.2
BugIAM-4436[Webconsole] 404 error on view report
BugIAM-4434Language selection drop-down on login page is missing
BugIAM-4432"Uncheck doesn't work for ""revoke access"" table in the request page"
StoryIAM-4431[Docs]Create a document describing how customers can develop an app using oAuth and Angular
BugIAM-4429Problem when loading page of request for new user ( for ex selfregistration)
BugIAM-4426'is SSL' Default Content Provider setting ignored
BugIAM-4418Login page always redirect to selfservice
BugIAM-4414Cannot get any report in 4.2
BugIAM-4413Text custom filed is not displayed when added to user template
BugIAM-4412[Selfservice] Wrong UI redirection on cancel button click on the Approver Associations for GROUP page
TaskIAM-4407Group reconciliation
BugIAM-4406Sync for 4.2 cannot get/parse information from connectors
TaskIAM-4405Introduce self-registration via google social (google +)
BugIAM-4404Impact of Content provider refresh
TaskIAM-4401[Selfservice]Dynamic out of office approval delegation functionality
TaskIAM-4400[Webconsole] Allow for additional parameters in request approval worflows
TaskIAM-4399[Selfservice]Access certification should allow the reviewer to see another users access rights for comparison
TaskIAM-4398[Webconsole] Clone role and then modify
TaskIAM-4397[Webconsole] Allow admin to compare two role entitlements side by side
TaskIAM-4396[Webconsole]Allow admins to compare entitlements for two users side by side and make changes
BugIAM-4395Wrong message on login page when clicked 'not now' on Sign in through FB
TaskIAM-4391Create DeviceRepository tests
BugIAM-4390Errors on login if content provider was not setup on first login.
BugIAM-4389[Webcobsole] Internal error occurs on saving UI System Configurations.
BugIAM-4388Enhancement: Selfregistration should have login again/cancel link.
BugIAM-4385Approver Association saved while creating Group from Selfservice resets back to Sys User in Webconsole.
TaskIAM-4381"Broken SQL Scripts in all
TaskIAM-4379Postgres script breaks on new run
TaskIAM-4374Add custom adaptive risk (store logic in groovy script)
TaskIAM-4373"Add adaptive risks using geolocation information (city
TaskIAM-4368Add group provisioning to connector LDAP
TaskIAM-4358RHEL/CentOS 8.1 - Test install and execution on RHEL 8 / CentOS 8
TaskIAM-4348Save causes multi-execution
EpicIAM-4339Complete the functionality which is required for user based access certification
BugIAM-4323Cannot create authProvider. page is broken and doesnt load
BugIAM-4322Group provisioning: identityName and identityValue are null on connector side
TaskIAM-4320Validate google social login
TaskIAM-4319Need to be able select organizational unit instead of users list for Access Certification
TaskIAM-4318Show create date and executed date for Access certification table
TaskIAM-4317Add new fields for approvers of Access certifications
TaskIAM-4316Redirect based on RedirectURL from Federation response
BugIAM-4314Exit dialog overlapped when exiting from Edit Content Provider page
BugIAM-4313Fix resuestor id for access certification
BugIAM-4310Supervisor of certification target user doesn't see request
BugIAM-4308"Fix column name ""
BugIAM-4306Save doesn't work for Access Certification when user types long name
BugIAM-4304HTTP 400 error in System configuration
BugIAM-4303404 error is received on System Configuration page
BugIAM-4302Labels are broken for System Configuration page
Sub-TaskIAM-4299Update TOTP Text
BugIAM-4296Make /idp/oauth2/*/.well-known/openid-configuration accessible without autentication
BugIAM-4293Allow to use notifications from device
BugIAM-4290User has no access to page My approvals
BugIAM-4287Selfservice->request approval-> request administration-> internal error
BugIAM-4286Custom fields are not displayed on managed system page
BugIAM-4285My Applications grid is not aligned
Sub-TaskIAM-4284Adding supporting google drive for App Launcher
Sub-TaskIAM-4283Adding supporting enter key for App launcher registration window (Mac OS version)
BugIAM-4282"After logout
BugIAM-4281React Native MFA Application
BugIAM-4280Unable to logout of user sessions.
TaskIAM-4279Initial Content Provider Config (/webconsole/setup) do not have 'Applications Servers' tab
BugIAM-4278Initial Login show blank page for non-admin user
BugIAM-4274Issue when running postgres/openiam/
EpicIAM-4271"MFA Framework needs to be able to support cases such as forgotten device
TaskIAM-4270Jmeter tests for authentication and authorization flows
BugIAM-4268Modify email manager to make clientFactory and clientPort configurable
BugIAM-4265Internal erorr when save new group in webconsole
BugIAM-4264"public menu items of selfservice (my approvals
BugIAM-4263custom fields are not displayed on group page tempate
BugIAM-4262Memory leak for RuleURIPatternXrefEntity in Redis
BugIAM-4261Logout doesnt work with proxy (without proxy works)
BugIAM-4260Buttons at selfservice MyApprovals/MyRequests throws 401 even menu items are public and visible
BugIAM-4259Can't add /change email address to user by using webconsole [template view]
TaskIAM-4258"GEO location database
BugIAM-4256sync doesn't save user when IsProvision check is on
BugIAM-4254rProxy do not set approvedAuthLevel in federateUser request
TaskIAM-4253Improve connector communication with bus
TaskIAM-4252Adapt MSSQL connector to support OpenIAM 4.x versions
BugIAM-4251Can't reset password by sending link or password via email in webconsole
BugIAM-4250Wrong data: new mdtype grouping ACC_CERT_EMAIL_TEMPLATE has wrong label and no language mappings
BugIAM-4249Internal error on page create new connector/edit connector
BugIAM-4248"Fix ""Member of group"" adaptive risk"
BugIAM-4247Error on save authentication provider
EpicIAM-4243Create 4.2 Documentation framework and build process
TaskIAM-4228Create documentation to deploy to kubernetes without terraform
Sub-TaskIAM-4222Hide passwords from logs
TaskIAM-4220Add documentation for deploying to kubernetes outside of terraform
TaskIAM-4215Redeploy on kubernetes causes Pod DNS to become unusable
StoryIAM-4213Add feature to clone a managed system configuration
TaskIAM-4210Add option to store vault data on file system
TaskIAM-4203Migrate to Java 11
BugIAM-4200Sing in using facebook doesn't work
BugIAM-4199Language selector should be available on login page
BugIAM-4198New user cannot login first time because change password operation fails
TaskIAM-4197SAML Messages ignored on /auth-password page
BugIAM-4196Captcha doesn't work on self-registration page ( message: Invalid captcha code)
BugIAM-4194OTP sent by sms doesnt work (system rejects correct code)
BugIAM-4193rproxy 4.2.0 incorrectly handle cookies in docker at AWS
Sub-TaskIAM-4192Implementing App Launcher installation package for Mac OS
BugIAM-4189Challenge Response Questions page: question are not properly loaded
BugIAM-4186no listner for ChallengeResponseAPI.IS_QUESTIONS_REQUIRED API
BugIAM-4184Category drop downlist doesn't work on create/edit Managed System page
BugIAM-4181Redirection after session got expired is always happens to selfservice
EpicIAM-4180Group provisioniong and de-provisioning
EpicIAM-4174rProxy improvement and fixes for v4.2
TaskIAM-4164Set CERT_AUTH in ApprovedAuthList If user upload certificate during login
Sub-TaskIAM-4163Implementing App Launcher status window for Mac OS
TaskIAM-4153Circle CI: Fix test race conditions in 4.2
TaskIAM-4152"When setting up the initial content provider in docker
BugIAM-4138Email template editor layout is broken
BugIAM-4137Merge rproxy 4.2 with RELEASE-4.1.8
TaskIAM-4131Cannot use domain in authorization cookie
TaskIAM-4130Non-default content provider shows blank oauth authorization iframe
Sub-TaskIAM-4129Implementing App Launcher registration window for MacOS
Sub-TaskIAM-4120MobileOTP - Send DeviceId to OpenIAM server
Sub-TaskIAM-4109Implementing App Launcher context menu on menu bar for MacOS
BugIAM-4086Second logout by the same user fails with a 404
BugIAM-4085Table on Access certification search page is not correct
BugIAM-4081Deletion of Access Certificaiotn doesn't work
BugIAM-4074Can't expand sub tree of tree plugin
BugIAM-4073Logout doesn't work due to limited permissions
TaskIAM-4069Update rProxy docker image with Apache httpd 2.4.41
BugIAM-4068rProxy renew auth cookie for /idp/logout page prevents the user from logging out
BugIAM-4067"Can't save user
Sub-TaskIAM-4053Move App Launcher project to portable library
Sub-TaskIAM-4052App Launcher installer should support adding shortcut on desktop and start menu panel
TaskIAM-4047Update rProxy in 4.2.0 with new federateUser and metadata api calls
Sub-TaskIAM-4037Registration form should automatically submit when user presses ‘enter’ key. For App Launcher
Sub-TaskIAM-4036Rename project Launchpad to App Launcher
Sub-TaskIAM-4035Implementing status window for App Launcher
BugIAM-4030database schema empty for mariadb container after restart
BugIAM-4014All autocomplete boxes in the UI are broken
TaskIAM-4011"Confirm email_address
TaskIAM-4009Authorization mechanism for application categories - Duplicate
TaskIAM-4007Add freshservice connector to docker
TaskIAM-4003Split login page. Move password field into separate page.
TaskIAM-4002Add EMAIL_TEMPLATE type field to be able group templates.
BugIAM-4001Need to disallow user to add same filters for user search
TaskIAM-4000"For User based approval
TaskIAM-3999Add pre-defined list of reviewers for Access Certification
TaskIAM-3998Improve Dashboard
TaskIAM-3997Change search type for reviewer to listbox
TaskIAM-3996Need to support search user by org type
BugIAM-3992Access Certification - approver can't see user entitlements in request
TaskIAM-3970Migrate Authorization Manager into it's own container
TestIAM-3968Test Case - 1
BugIAM-3966User can't select organization on new user template page
TaskIAM-3965Create new mail template for notification approver
TaskIAM-3964Add new workflow for invite user
Sub-TaskIAM-3959ResourceServiceTest.testFindVisibleResources times out on CI and locally
TaskIAM-3956Login using certificate authentication and login form
BugIAM-3943Configurable managed system fields not shown on managed system edit page
BugIAM-3939Display Mail Template Name instead of ID
TaskIAM-3937Resource list is not displayed on resource search page
BugIAM-3935User page template with custom attributes doesn't get loaded at all
BugIAM-3934Unable to save custom field with a type = 'Text'
BugIAM-3932"Login into openiam
BugIAM-3930System configuration page doesn't load when using Postgres
BugIAM-3929First page of search Resources in webconsole is not showing any resources and search doesnt work
BugIAM-3928Provide valid Out of the box configurations for Synchronization - Current configurations don't work
BugIAM-3927Impossible to create new role in the Webconsole with the role manager. Screen hangs on spinner
TaskIAM-3924Add new workflow for create user functionality using invitation by email
TaskIAM-3922Add email template for user invitation
TaskIAM-3921Add new page using page template to register new account after accepting invitation
TaskIAM-3920Add new page template to invite user
BugIAM-3895Login to multiple instances issue
TaskIAM-3889Merge certificate based auth to rproxy 4.2.0
TaskIAM-3888Merge rproxy RELEASE-4.1.7 to 4.2
StoryIAM-3887rProxy 4.2.0 related
TaskIAM-3883MSSQL CircleCI Tests don't run successfully
TaskIAM-3870Allow requester select group as target object for certification
TaskIAM-3866Enable MSSQL Tests on CI
TaskIAM-3865Fix Oracle RDBMS tests on CI
TaskIAM-3823Fix Postgres CI tests
TaskIAM-3811Indicate activity for credential provider while reset password page is loading
TaskIAM-3801Integration tests for AD connector with userprincipalname as identity
TaskIAM-3751Fix / improve tests for java-connector
TaskIAM-3750Add kubernetes support
Sub-TaskIAM-3749Merge Adaptive authentication with last 4.2.0
Sub-TaskIAM-3746Installer - implementing backend logic
Sub-TaskIAM-3745Installer - implementing UI
Sub-TaskIAM-3744UI - implementing login screen
Sub-TaskIAM-3743Implementing logout action
Sub-TaskIAM-3742UI - implementing managing application's menu
Sub-TaskIAM-3741UI - implementing tray menu flow
Sub-TaskIAM-3740Unit tests for configuration provider
Sub-TaskIAM-3739Configuration provider implementation
Sub-TaskIAM-3738Unit tests for DPAPI implementation
Sub-TaskIAM-3737Implementing secret storage using DPAPI
Sub-TaskIAM-3736Unit tests for OAuth2
Sub-TaskIAM-3735Supporting OAuth2 authentication
Sub-TaskIAM-3734Unit tests for embedded web server
TaskIAM-3685Implementation integration tests for creating mailbox with permissions
StoryIAM-3648Evaluate / plan as a possible replacement for the rProxy
Sub-TaskIAM-3632upgrade java-connectors
TaskIAM-3624Implementing integration tests for creating resource mailbox with AllBookInPolicy for Exchange connector
TaskIAM-3623Improve moving objects between different paths in AD
BugIAM-3620Entitlement engine works wrong?
BugIAM-3616Display all approver associations in a request review page
TaskIAM-3615Add tests for NEW HIRE activiti flow
TaskIAM-3613Access Certification screen improvements
TaskIAM-3609Add ability to link email template with Access Certification
TaskIAM-3599Move all AD specific operations to separate module
TaskIAM-3580Make user able to use predefined sections or custom sections
EpicIAM-3559Improvements for Page Template
TaskIAM-3550Merge updates into 4.2
BugIAM-3549Edit group in the webconsole group manager does not show custom fields
BugIAM-3542Audit Log filters are not working
BugIAM-3541Un-necessory child events in audit log for new user login to SelfService
TaskIAM-3531Make user able manage custom field width and layout
BugIAM-3526Secondary status/Acct status becomes 'null' after enabling disabled user
StoryIAM-3515Login page should show the OTP field when SMS based OTP has been enabled.
BugIAM-3514Radio component can't be displayed for page templates
BugIAM-3509Fix 404 on Access Certification page
BugIAM-3483access profile creation tool should allow adding groups ( now only roles)
BugIAM-3473[WebConsole] Not able to Reset Challenge Response from edit user [HTTTP error 400]
BugIAM-3466Property Type dissapear then editing already existing field in URI pattern
BugIAM-3465Can't change value in URI pattern
BugIAM-3460A user who has no privileges in the webconsole is still allowed access the webconsole and search for users.
BugIAM-3458User with true 'IsLocked' status can access Selfservice
Sub-TaskIAM-3445"Segmentation fault
StoryIAM-3422"Deduplicate common operations in AD PowerShell script
BugIAM-3405User with null status tries to login but login page shows wrong error type
BugIAM-3404If user has null status he can't use reset password options but displayed error is confusing
Sub-TaskIAM-3397Changing identityValue in Azure
Sub-TaskIAM-3396Changing identityValue in Exchange
TaskIAM-3371Fix credential provider installer issue with registry settings
TaskIAM-3370Credential provider should have an option to disable navigation to all other domains except one in settings
TaskIAM-3369Unit tests implementation for Credential Provider browser window
BugIAM-3350incorrect redirect from /webconsole/setup.html to /webconsole for rproxy v4.2
BugIAM-3349incorrect redirect from /webconsole/setup.html to /webconsole
StoryIAM-3335AD Connector: Shared folder management
EpicIAM-3325iOS OTP App with Push Notification
TaskIAM-3324Push Notification Backend
TaskIAM-3323Android OTP App with Push Notfification
BugIAM-3320Android TOTP OpenIAM application
TaskIAM-3313Azure connector should support user photo uploading
TaskIAM-3287Azure connector complete documentation
TaskIAM-3284Fix sql scripts to make it works for latest MySql
Sub-TaskIAM-3274Configure TeamCity for automatic deployment
TaskIAM-3270Azure connector automatic integration tests
Sub-TaskIAM-3258Additional Login form for support several authentication types in one time and allow to select one from the allowed list
StoryIAM-3251Kubernates: Deploy on Kubernates
BugIAM-3246Fix compilation error of java-connectors project
BugIAM-3236"After a request has been created
BugIAM-3218We cannot configure preprocesses or post processes in the synchronization process (in versions 3.x it could be)
BugIAM-3213Synchronization / Reconciliation Issues found
TaskIAM-3207Support lifetime scope for dependency injection in .Net connectors
BugIAM-3206Issue with status worker dialog on save user page.
Sub-TaskIAM-3203Test / integrate support of authentication rule by proxy.
Sub-TaskIAM-3202"Add adaptive risk type : ""DEVICE_TRUST"""
Sub-TaskIAM-3201"Add adaptive risk ""IS_NEW_IP"""
TaskIAM-3194If connector config existed – need to re-write broadcast settings after reinstall
TaskIAM-3193Extending logging support for broadcast messages from OpenIAM
TaskIAM-3186Change 'alternate contact' in self-service to out of office functionality
TaskIAM-3185Add deployment tests for 'dev' and 'prod' in openiam-docker-compose
TaskIAM-3181Integration test application does not show all errors from powershell
BugIAM-3175Internal Server Error for Oauth2 URI patterns
TaskIAM-3174Investigate LoadUI possibility for OpenIAM purposes.
BugIAM-3173"User search doesn't work for alternate contact
TaskIAM-3172OpenIAM Logout workflow improvements
EpicIAM-3165Mobile OTP - Strong authentication
StoryIAM-3164Windows SSO Launch Pad
StoryIAM-3162Request Approval - Add out-office delegation
EpicIAM-3152Group management
TaskIAM-3148Integration test system test runner windows should block files other than test json
TaskIAM-3147Description window in the integration test system should support multiline input
TaskIAM-3145IAMRequestParseCmdlet should be case insensitive when working with bulk attributes
BugIAM-3138Unable to login to /webconsole/setup.html then OPENIAM_AUTH_TOKEN cookies already present
TaskIAM-3136Addressing attribute names in integration test system should be case insensitive
TaskIAM-3135Add ability to run test case right from the configuration window
TaskIAM-3134Add expecting exception support for the integration test system
TaskIAM-3132If Path attribute is cleared connector should reset this to BaseDN
BugIAM-3127Fix link for access certification
TaskIAM-3114use multi-stage build for rproxy dockerimage
TaskIAM-3110Implement continuous integration for de
TaskIAM-3089Merge Certificate Based Auth from 4.1.5 to 4.2
BugIAM-3084"Last_update_by is VARCHAR2(40)
TaskIAM-3081Hide passwords from de
TaskIAM-3071Add the option to add Strict-Transport-Security in the r-Proxy configuration
StoryIAM-3060Check all authentication cookies for valid auth token in 4.2 (like in 4.1.5)
TaskIAM-3056By default connectors should be installed withoug de
Sub-TaskIAM-3035Include Authentication rules into AuthLevel for Content provider and URI pattern.
Sub-TaskIAM-3034Create Authentication Rule functional in backend / frontend
TaskIAM-3024Password filter and Password filter service should include IDs for events
TaskIAM-3021Integration test system should support reverce config loading
TaskIAM-3020Add Dashboard for access certifications
Sub-TaskIAM-3019create api call to CreateCookieFromURIAndPrincipal
BugIAM-3006Some errors in Password filter service are logged as information
BugIAM-3005Resolve Password filter installation issue on desktops
StoryIAM-2998Upgrade stack components
TaskIAM-2980Add page templates for different requests types.
TaskIAM-2978Mulitvalued types should support dynamic substitution
TaskIAM-2976Migrate old AD connector tests to new structure
Sub-TaskIAM-2974Integrate test Exchange instances with TeamCity
Sub-TaskIAM-2973Configure environments
Sub-TaskIAM-2966Group object automated tests for AD connector
TaskIAM-2961Extend integration test generator UI to support generic multivalue handling
BugIAM-2960Provisioning Connector edit page in webconsole throws internal error
TaskIAM-2946Create workaround for Microsoft PS
StoryIAM-2942Ability to view and edit attributes which are specific to a managed system
StoryIAM-2938Update / Correct MySQL Scripts
TaskIAM-2934Add core services for Certification configuration
TaskIAM-2933Add migration for Access Certification data model
TaskIAM-2932Add dev spec for Access Certification
TaskIAM-2931Create UI for Access Certification config page
TaskIAM-2929Implement integration tests for AD provisioning groups
BugIAM-2923Add scripts for mysql in 4.2.0 according to IAM-1603
TaskIAM-2922Add ability to have extended description for each integration test
TaskIAM-2904Include windows 2008 r2 in integration tests for Active Directory connector
BugIAM-2899optimize role selector for create request
TaskIAM-2887Adding ability to handle dictionary maps in the integration test system
TaskIAM-2883Improve older integration sctipts to be able to run in multithreading
TaskIAM-2875Scripts inside the integration test systems should be moved to new window each
TaskIAM-2872Certification request
TaskIAM-2871Create 4.2.0 branches and configure
TaskIAM-2869Access Certification configuration
TaskIAM-2868Organization Certifier
TaskIAM-2867Tag objects can participate in a certification process
EpicIAM-2866Access Certification - core functionality
BugIAM-2865Edit Role and Edit Group are not displayed fully according to Page template
TaskIAM-2853Add ability to have pre-run script for each test in the integration test system
TaskIAM-2852Description for test cases in the integration test system
TaskIAM-2851While working with AD Computer objects connector should take into account $ end symbols
TaskIAM-2850Add support for automatic lookups for computer objects in AD
TaskIAM-2847Actualization of AD connector documentation
BugIAM-2846Language edits for Edit UI Theme page in Webconsole
TaskIAM-2844Webconsole -> Resource list should be hierarchical
TaskIAM-2843Webconsole -> Role List should be hierarchical
StoryIAM-2839Access Review - Core Functionality
TaskIAM-2827Extend de
BugIAM-2826When using PS shared module event source sometimes is missing for log records
BugIAM-2825My approvals page on self service is not paged
TaskIAM-2815Support running test cases via integration test system from TeamCity
TaskIAM-2814Add ability for the test integration system to work in silent mode
TaskIAM-2813Deploying integration test system to remote server
TaskIAM-2805Writing integration tests for AD connector connectors should support checking RabbitMQ connection in silent mode
BugIAM-2789Fix database issue if connection string contains whitespaces
TaskIAM-2786Create authorizations hooks in apache r-proxy
TaskIAM-2784Merge changes from RELEASE-4.1.3 branch to Development branch
TaskIAM-2779Modify connectors installers so all could use shared PS modules
StoryIAM-2778Add a system configuration to not allow duplicate email addresses
TaskIAM-2765Refactor the Organization Membership UI
TaskIAM-2761List of Organizations should be shown as a hierarchical tree
BugIAM-2760[Manual Testing] Organization Manager
TaskIAM-2755Use X-Forwarded-Proto
TaskIAM-2754Use X-Client-Ip tougether with X-Forwarded-For
BugIAM-2753Webconsole -> Group list should be shown as a hierarchical tree
BugIAM-2744Search field wraps out of field if a long name is entered.
TaskIAM-2726Extend LDAP connector to support group provisioning
TaskIAM-2696"Create group request
TaskIAM-2687Clean .net connector folder after uninstall
TaskIAM-2686Supporting auto deployment .net connectors after builds connectors should support silent uninstallation connectors should support silent installation
TaskIAM-2675WinLocal connector sync support
TaskIAM-2670Integration tester should support full scenario save-load
Sub-TaskIAM-2663Implement automatic object lookup in WinLocal connector
Sub-TaskIAM-2661Documentation for WinLocal connector v4
Sub-TaskIAM-2658Configure CI for WinLocal connector
TaskIAM-2656Password filter should skip DN by default
TaskIAM-2648Connectors should have configurable RabbitMQ port
TaskIAM-2646Hide RabbitMQ password on connector installers
TaskIAM-2645Connector services should restart in case of failure
Sub-TaskIAM-2643Create CUnit tests for escape and unescape function
StoryIAM-2642Integration tests for r-proxy
BugIAM-2634Serialization fixes for REST methods password filter
TaskIAM-2633Update EventWatcher with latest dependencies. Test.
TaskIAM-2632Fix unit tests for connector service
StoryIAM-2630Fix rproxy CUnit tests for string utils in CircleCi
TaskIAM-2629Add ability to check connection to OpenIAM during the installation
Sub-TaskIAM-2626AD connector should skip permanent connection to AD for file shares
TaskIAM-2612Create Dev Spec for Auth Provider page
BugIAM-2596Organization Membership List
BugIAM-2595Search Users By Organization
TaskIAM-2594Update .NET connectors with latest stable dependencies
TaskIAM-2592Apply CI for Credential provider
TaskIAM-2591Apply CI for Azure connector
BugIAM-2590Resource pagination
BugIAM-2587Auth Provider save/edit error
TaskIAM-2586WinLocal connector - migration to v4
TaskIAM-2584O365 connector -> Azure connector
BugIAM-2579Default scopes layout problem
TaskIAM-2578Embed merge module to Credential provider and apply it basing on the build type
BugIAM-2577User identity issues
Sub-TaskIAM-2576Handling multivalued request parameters at test application
Sub-TaskIAM-2575Configuring test running in circles
Sub-TaskIAM-2574Configuring simultanious number of tests to run
TaskIAM-2573Upgrade credential provider to latest redisributables. Test on all compatible systems
TaskIAM-2569Create an overall design for contextual authentication which can be used in 4.2 and extended in v5
StoryIAM-2568Adaptive Authentication - Core functionality
BugIAM-2555Scrolling doesn't work in mutiselectbox
BugIAM-2553"Disable custom criteria selector by system Configuration
TaskIAM-2546Setting CI for Windows-based projects
BugIAM-2505No access to any page if grant flow of auth provider is not Implicit
TaskIAM-2502Update AD connector to run with new common PS libraries
StoryIAM-2439Orphan account detection and management
TaskIAM-2398Extend AD connector to support file shares management
BugIAM-2363Improve response handling
Sub-TaskIAM-2281Service testing and monitoring
StoryIAM-2242Authentication using username and password from url agruments in r-proxy v4
StoryIAM-2241Certificate authentication for r-proxy v4
Sub-TaskIAM-2231Create GUI test application
Sub-TaskIAM-2230Create GUI test case generator
Sub-TaskIAM-2203When changing configuration on-fly some records could not be picked up
Sub-TaskIAM-2202Resolve elevated RAM consumption in real-time mode
BugIAM-2201"Then delete field in metadata
StoryIAM-2192Protect RESTful using r-proxy cookies and password authentication
Sub-TaskIAM-2188Unit tests for EventWatcher library
Sub-TaskIAM-2187Unit tests for EventWatcher agent
Sub-TaskIAM-2173Add ability to split log records on chunks
Sub-TaskIAM-2172Implemet database storage provider for SQLite
Sub-TaskIAM-2171Move solution to x86 and add ensure support from Win7 and up
Sub-TaskIAM-2168Add ability to be installed from AD controller on multiple machies automaticly
StoryIAM-2158OAuth policy too lenient
BugIAM-2092ESB return wrong ServerURL in response
Sub-TaskIAM-2084Create installer for event monitor
Sub-TaskIAM-2010Migrate Organization/OrganizationType to . Multi-tenancy
TaskIAM-1984Create simple mod_openiam_stub module that will be used as reference
BugIAM-1927Fix UI
BugIAM-1918Reset Password page in selfservice gives 404 not found
BugIAM-1894User search is broken in development branch
TaskIAM-1853Add implelemtation for AbstractProvisionObjectDiff: GROUP
TaskIAM-1833Create redirect based on out headers
BugIAM-1826Resources are shown in service catalog as sub-categories must be only APPLICATION_CATEGORY types
BugIAM-1701Unable to send multiple audiences
BugIAM-1697"""Tempate"" typo in a field in Create New Page Template"
BugIAM-1693java-connectors does not deploy to DEV
BugIAM-1690TOTP in UI is written as TOPT in field and tool tip
StoryIAM-1682Terminated Employes
BugIAM-1675TOTP screens use old design
TaskIAM-1586Refactor Hibernate DAOs into Spring JPA
TaskIAM-1533Implement lombok
TaskIAM-1138Reverse proxy performance tests
TaskIAM-1040Integration and smoke test system for v4 connectors
BugIAM-964OAuth Redirect URLs should be updated whenever the content provider is udpated
StoryIAM-842Revoke access for a single entitlement
BugIAM-733Add 'IS FOR SMS' field to self service.
EpicIAM-1Core oAuth 2 functionality being introduced
BugIAM-172Delegation Filter CRUD operations are not working in the UI
BugIAM-1760Add ability to revoke control to an RBAC object after a certain period of time
BugIAM-1777Migrate UI to Spring Boot
BugIAM-1765Certification workflow improvements