Register applications

Manual application, like automated applications, must be registered within OpenIAM before we can perform operations related to this. These applications can be registered individually through the UI or they can be bulk created if there are a large number of them. The sections describe how to register an application.

Register application from the UI

To register an application follow the steps below:

  • Go to the following menu option in the /webconsole: Provisioning -> Synchronization
  • Click on Create managed system from the side menu
  • The screen below will be shown.
    Create managed system

Populate the screen using the table below

Field NameDescription
ConnectorLeave this field blank for manual application
Managed System NameName of the managed system configuration or application
DescriptionDescription of the application which will help end-users recognize this application in the service catalog.
ManualEnable this checkbox for manual applications.
ActiveEnable this checkbox to indicate that this configuration is active. Uncheck it to disable the application from being selected in the catalog.
CategorySelect the service catalog category in which you want your application to appear in

Define application owner

OpenIAM's out of the box workflows support the ability to use application owners and admins. To define either the application owner or admin, follow the steps below.

  • Goto Webconsole -> Access control -> Resource
  • Filter the list of resources by Manual managed system as shown in the image below.

Managed system resource

After finding your application, click on the application's Actions button and to see the resource/managed system details as shown in the image below.

View managed system resource

On the screen below, you will notice two fields: Resource owner and Resource admin. To define either the resource owner (aka Application owner) or the resource admin (aka Application admin), follow the steps below:

  • Select if the owner or admin will be a User or Group in the first drop down. If its a group, then anyone on a group can approval.
  • Select the name of the user or group in the second field.

Example is shown below:

Owner or admin

Define an application approval flow

If an application will be selectable from the service catalog in the self-service portal, then you should consider wether the application should require approval before access can be granted. To support this behavior, OpenIAM provides the ability to define approval steps for each application. You can define the approval process using the steps below:

  • Go to Webconsole -> Access control -> Resource
  • Filter by Manual managed system and search for your application
  • View the application details by clicking on the application's actions button
  • From the side menu, click on Approver associations. You will see the screen shown below.

Approval flow

By default, the sysadmin account is assigned as an approver. To modify the first approver, click on the Actions button, and change then approver as shown below. Approval step

Field nameDescription
ApproverDefines who will approve a request. This can be a selected users, requestee's immediate supervisor, Group of people, people in role, application owner, or application admin.
Notify on approvalPerson to notify when a request has been approved.
Notify on rejectionPerson to notify when a request has been rejected.
1*Number of reminder's to send to the approver to encourage them to complete the request.
2*Number of days which must elapse before reminder notice is sent.
3*Days to escalation. This value is calculated based on the values in 1 and 2.

To add additional approval steps, click on the + button and complete the row as described above.