Custom Entitlement Types

As you integrate your applications with OpenIAM, you will find cases where you need to extend the model to better align it with the end applications. Each of the above objects can be extended by creating a new Type (aka Metadata Type). Using types, new objects can be created and have their own set of custom attributes. This allows users to represent objects in OpenIAM using both familiar and aligned terminology with the target application.

To create a new type go to Administration -> MetaData type and chose New MetaData type from the left side menu.

After doing so, you will see a screen as shown below.

Create types screen

The following sections describe the Types Manager capabilities.

Column nameDescription
NameName as it will be defined in OpenIAM.
Display nameAn the subsections stand for the name to be displayed in the language active in OpenIAM.
Metadata GroupingMany objects in OpenIAM has types. Hence, there is grouping introduced for supporting. business precesses. Here, the user chooses the type for respective object.
Is activeMakes the type active for use.

Further, the types are used for objects arrangement to suit business purposes and for connecting the list of attributes to a respective template.