Find existing role

There are two ways to find an existing role:

  • Header search
  • Role manager search

Both options are described below

Header search

Upon signing into the Webconsole, you see the screen below. The search feature in the header is always available regardless of the feature that you are working. As you can see from the image, you can search Users, Groups, Organizations and Roles.

Header search

To search for a role:

  • Select Role from the drop down
  • Type in the role name. As you type, the system will start to match roles in the OpenIAM database. The search uses a “Starts with” algorithm. Wildcard operators are not supported.

Role manager search

The Role manager provides a more flexible search solution. The figure below shows that users can search or filter by each of these columns.

Role search

Search field nameDescription
Role nameSearches on the role name. The search uses a “contains” algorithm and it will filter as you start typing. For example, if you search for “Api”, it will find all roles which contain the word “Api”. Wildcards are not supported at this time.
Metadata TypeAllows filtering by Metadata Types for Roles. If you have created custom metadata types to support your applications, then you will be able to filter on them using this.
StatusAllows filtering by Active or Inactive roles
Managed systemAllows filtering on roles associated with a specific Managed System.