Managing Roles

The role management interface can be found in Webconsole -> Roles. Using this interface, you can create new roles and manage existing ones. OpenIAM supports the creation of Business Roles and Technical Roles.

  • Technical roles: represent roles in an application that user is modeling. For example, if you want to represent the Oracle DB role in OpenIAM, then it will be considered a Technical role.
  • Business roles: represent a collection of Technical roles and other entitlements which are generally needed to perform a job function.

The following sections provide details about the the Role Manager capabilities.

Creating a roleDescribes how to create a business role
Searching for a roleDescribes how to search / find an existing role.
Import roles using a CSVDescribes how to import roles in bulk using a CSV file.
Import roles using the connectorsDescribes how to import roles from another system
Define approval flow for role membershipDescribes how to search / find an existing role.