Audit Log in OpenIAM is a storage for all the events, happening in the system. It saves the events, starting with provisioning ones, to restAPI calls in detals.

The log has a tree-like structure, with child and parent events, depending on how the evenr was called in the system. Here, using audit log user can track the event up or down to the child or parent even, locate target object of the event (role, user, managed syste, etc.) and view all the details of the veven if needed.

To access audit log go to webconsole -> Administration -> Log Viewer.

Audit log

Here, user can search events usinf different criteria, such as date, result and action performed, as shown above. Additionally, user can disagregate events using target object, for instance, by Managed System, Group, Organization, Role, etc.

After opening an event, one can see a list of event in accordance with the set criteria.

Search recult

In the search results list user can view details about the event by clicking an icon in Action column.

Log viewer

Log view window also has a tree-like structure, and by clicking any of the related event, a detailed view window opens in a new tab.

Detailed view

Detailed view window has many categories, depending on event, such as parent/child event, target user, event attributes, etc. and a standard details table for the user to be able to see and analyze the event in all the detailes needed.

This section deals with audit logg and audit events for the user to be able to interpret events in the system properly along with dealing with some other functions of audit log.

The contents of the section are given below.

Exporting Audit Events to SyslogsExplains how te sut us syslogs and export auditlog data to it
Interpreting Audit Events