Workflow tab

The Workflow tab allows the configuration of workflow properties.

Workflow Tab

The description of fields in this tab is provided in the table below.

Activiti UI Thread FrequencyThis option allows setting the frequency of processing or updating the UI thread in the Activiti system.
Exclude Menus in Access ReviewIf checked, the menus are excluded from the Access Review process. More information on user access can be found in this document.
Default Approver ResourceIf no approver associations can be determined for a workflow, the approver association of this resource name will be used.
Default Workflow ApproverThe default approver for all workflows if no approval can be determined.
Approver Association and Custom Approver MergingIf the feature is set to 'true,' the administrator can associate specific approvers with particular stages or actions within a process and allows for the customization and merging of approvers based on needed rules or conditions.
New Hire Approver Association OrderThe order in which the new hire event is being approved.
Use batch task for handling of expiring accessIf checked, it enables administrators or users to use a batch task for handling or managing the expiration of access operations.
Number of days before access expires to re-requestSets the period in days for which the access request is valid.
Base URL for the formation of a link to renew access requestThe URL used as a base when renewing access requests.
Use approver association or role/group instead of resourceIf the property is set to 'true', then the approver association workflow for the group or role will be used, instead of the resource one.
Workflows default ApproversAllows choosing the workflows for which default approvers are set.
Default Position Id AttributeThe field allows setting the attribute as the default identifier for positions (roles, groups, organizations) in the system.
Default Secondary Position Id AttributeThe field allows setting the attribute as the default identifier for secondary positions in the system.
Initiate access requests for selected roles/groups (New Hire / Edit user)If set to 'true,' it enables initiating the access request for selected roles/groups for new hire or edit user workflows.
Workflow 'Master' resourceThe field refers to a primary resource within a workflow.
Include in Position Change request only role and groups requested from the service catalogIf checked, this feature allows including the request for position change for only roles/groups in the service catalog.
Roles whose members are allowed to cancel and delegate requests for any userHere one can choose a role to cancel and delegate requests.
Roles whose members are allowed to revoke access for any userHere one can choose a role to revoke access for users.
Extra Information fields on Task view pageAllows adding extra fields with information necessary for the task view page.

After configuring all properties, click Save to save the changes.