Custom fields

When creating templates to capture information about users, roles, groups (all these pages are template based, it means you can add your own fields to display custom attributes). You may find that you need a way to gather details additional to those collected by OpenIAM's out-of-the-box fields. The webconsole allows you to create custom fields to facilitate these requirements.

  1. From the top menu choose Administration, and then click on Custom Fields from the drop-down menu.

Select Custom Fields

  1. Next, choose Create New Custom Field on the left-hand side of the screen.

Create New Custom Field

  1. Let's assume we have a metadata type called Faculty designed to collect information about university staff. We would want to create a field to specify which department the Faculty member belongs to.

Edit Custom Field

Take note of the following fields:

  • Field Name: The name of the field within the Custom Fields listing.
  • Display Name: How the field name will appear from within the template.
  • Is Required: If the field should not be left blank.
  • Is Public: Determines if the field will be available to be embedded in templates.
  • Is Editable: If the field can be edited after being set initially.

Next, there is the drop-down specifying The Type of Custom Field. In this case we are using a text-field, but we also have the following options available:

  • Single select checkbox
  • Date field
  • Label
  • MultiSelect Checkbox
  • MultiSelect List
  • Password Field
  • Radio button
  • Section
  • Combo box
  • Text Field
  • Multiline text field

The last field, Metadata Type, associates the field with the chosen metadata type. This dropdown provides all available metadata lists for user, role and groups objects.

Next, click Save. To learn how to embed the newly created custom field into your template, please refer to: Customizing user form templates