New hire workflow configuration


It is a common requirement for organizations to mandate approval by company personnel for the creation of new employees. The following section describes how to configure new user creation to trigger a workflow that notifies selected approvers and prompts them to either approve or reject the new user.

Note: This workflow functionality can also be configured for employees requesting access to applications and entitlements. Documentation describing this capability can be viewed on the Configure approval workflows page.

Configure the user creation page template

Before configuring the new hire workflow, ensure a page template has been configured for new user creation. The template configures the page that collects information entered by personnel about the new hire to initiate the approval workflow. Documentation for creating page templates can be viewed on the User page template configuration page.

Creating the new hire workflow

  1. From the webconsole, select Access Control > Resource.
  2. From the Type drop-down list field, select Activiti Requests. In the Name field, enter New Hire with Approval, and select the pencil icon corresponding to the resulting list item.
  3. Select Approver Associations from the side bar. For detailed instructions on configuring approver steps, please visit the section “Defining an approval workflow” in the Configure approval workflows document.