User administration

Identity governance deployments usually have identity information distributed across a number of systems. OpenIAM allows you to integrate these systems through the use of connectors. OpenIAM also maintains a unified picture of all user identities, or accounts, across these varied systems.

The User Administration functionality in OpenIAM enables the management of users in both OpenIAM and the connected applications. Each user profile in OpenIAM will have an OpenIAM identity and n accounts mapped to the various systems that the account has been provisioned to.

The webconsole provides administration tools for authorized users. The sections below describe how to perform administrative operations in detail.

Create userCreate new users using the administration interface
User searchSearch for users in OpenIAM by attributes or entitlements
Admin operationsPerform operations such as user status change, password reset, and unlock account
Rehire user flowExplains how to call a rehire user flow from Self-service
Related accountsManage accounts related to a user
Custom user typesCreate new types of users
Custom page templatesCreate custom page and form templates for collecting information during user creation
Custom fieldsCreate custom fields to be embedded in user creation forms
Service accountsCreate and manage service accounts
Orphan managementManage orphaned user accounts
Bulk operationsApply changes to multiple accounts simultaneously
Organization level delegationEnable external organizations to manage their own users
User conversionEnables to modify user's type (metadata type)
New hire workflow configurationEnable new user creation to trigger an approval workflow