Upgrade from v4.1.X

OpenIAM Migration from 4.1.X to 4.2.0.X tool

This document describes how to update an existing OpenIAM installation from version 4.1.X to version 4.2.0.X In v4.2.x there were architectural changes and several new features were added to the platform. To simplify the upgrade process, several scripts

You can find several scripts in this repository which help you in the migration process.


Clone the migrate_41x_42x.git repository to the Linux host where OpenIAM has been installed previously using the steps below. You will need to install git first.

yum install git -y
git clone https://bitbucket.org/openiam/migrate_41x_42x.git

The above steps will create a migrate_41x_42x directory.

Please download the latest OpenIAM 4.2.0.X RPM distribution file openiam-4.2.0.X-1.el7.x86_64.rpm. Make sure that this RPM is in the migrate_41x_42x directory that was created during the above git clone operation.

Perform the 1st step of the migration:


If all is set, and you know database schema names and db user's credentials you CAN run

openiam-cli init

Follow default OpenIAM installation procedure.