URL Rewriting

When applications are proxied, it is sometimes necessary to rewrite URLs so that they render correctly. This section describes who to rewrite URLs with the rProxy Rewriting url is made using redirects.

  • Go to Content Providers


  • Click on edit on Content Provider where you want to add changes


  • Scroll down to URI Patterns Create new URI Pattern:


or click edit on existing:


For newly created URI pattern, add Pattern.


Now you can define Redirect URL or Redirect URL Groovy Script. Redirect URL is a static, absolute or reltative url where redirect will be made if user hit this uri pattern.


Redirect URL Groovy Script have precedence over static Redirect URL. It is groovy script that returns url where redirect should be made.


It is exists another way to do redirect. It is used mostyl internally, but also can be used. rProxy check for header with special name OIAM_EULA_TEST_CH. If such header is set, rProxy will do redirect to value stored in this header. You can read how to add headers here: Header Injection