Configure SMTP Gateway

Configure a SMTP Provider

The following section describes how to configure a SMTP provider in OpenIAM. This step is a pre-requiste for sending out email notifications, one-time links for password reset, and one time passwords (OTP). To configure your SMTP gateway, follow the steps described below:

  • Login to the Webconsole
  • Go to Administration -> System configuration. Select the SMTP Gateway tab as shown below

SMTP configuration

Complete the above based on the settings provided by your SMTP provider

Parameter nameDescriptionO365 Sample config
SMTP Host NameHost name of your SMTP
SMTP PortPort your SMTP host is receving messages on587
SMTP usernameUsername to authenticate to your
SMTP passwordPassword for your mailbox accountpassword-for-no-reply
Default senderDefault email address from which e-mails will be
Default subject prefixOptional value to set a prefix on the subject of all emails sent by OpenIAM[OpenIAM Dev server]
IMAP PortPort used by your mail server for IMAP993
IMAP SSL EnabledFlag indicating if SSL is enable for IMAPTrue
Inbox folderInbox folder name in case OpenIAM is processing in coming emails
Incoming mail hostnameHost name from which incoming emails are processed.
Optional Bcc addressE-mail addresses that you want to bcc for all communication
SMTP authAllows the OpenIAM mail client to log in using any authentication mechanism supported by the serverTrue
Start TLS enabledInitiates secure e-mail communicationTrue
Socket factory classInternal factory used to create objects for socket communication. Should always be
Socket fallbackDetermines if fallback is enabledTrue
Socket factory portFallback port.587

To test your configuration, click on the Send test mail button. The system will send a test email to user that is currently logged.

Note: To send a test email, the user that is loggedin MUST have a "Primary e-mail address" linked to their profile.